NY Jets Head Coach Adam Gase conference call (12.23.20)

NY Jets Head Coach Adam Gase conference call:

On QB Baker Mayfield and where Mayfield has improved in recent weeks:

“When you get to this stage, quarterbacks especially when they have had some chemistry with the group that he has had and he has been with this group for most of his career, I think they have done a good job even though there has been a coaching change of just kind of having chemistry there. These guys are playing well together. They are figuring out a way to eliminate negative plays and turnovers. They are running the ball well. The play-action game is working well. I just think he has found himself to get in a good rhythm week after week, and they are having success doing that.”

On WR Jarvis Landry’s recent play and how Landry’s pre-snap motion challenges opposing defenses:

“Jarvis is playing well, which he has done really the majority of his career. Anytime that you can move him around and make it hard to figure out where he is going to be, that makes it problematic. You give him different matchups and give him a variety of routes, it becomes a difficult guy to attempt to cover.”

On the threat that the Browns running game presents:

“It is definitely a two-headed monster. They are coached well by (offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan. They have a really good scheme. Those guys are doing a good job of working together with the O line. Two guys who are hard to bring down. You have to gang tackle them. You have to do a good job of getting those guys on the ground because they do it better than anybody in the league right now as far as getting yards after contact and creating explosive plays. They help make life easier for everybody else, staying ahead of the sticks and staying out of third down. You have to do a good job of getting these guys on the ground.”

On Head Coach Kevin Stefanski saying the NY Jets played with a lot of energy last week and if the win will provide the team with even more energy this week:

“Our guys have done a good job of staying up each week. By the time we get to Sunday, there is good energy going on. We have to find a way to kind of… We lost a couple of guys this week who have been our juice guys, but we need some other guys to step up, bring the same energy and replace what we lost from last week. I expect some other guys to step up and bring that same kind of energy we had the week before.”

On if he talks to the NY Jets about playing spoiler to the Browns’ playoff aspirations:

“No, we are more focused on just figuring out a way to put a good game together. We know we have to play well. We know what type of team we are playing as far as they have had a really good season so far. We have to play well to put ourselves in position to compete in the fourth quarter.”

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