NY Giants QB Colt McCoy (12.20.20)

NYG Postgame (vs. Browns) Transcripts: QB Colt McCoy

December 20, 2020

Q: Hey Colt, I was wondering what did you think about that early play call when you guys went for it on fourth down with [Punter] Riley [Dixon] throwing the ball? Obviously, you got taken off the field for it, but what’d you think of that? I’m sure you guys have been practicing that, so what was kind of the thought process behind that?

A: I didn’t know it was coming, to be honest. You know, I take responsibility because we should’ve punched it in on third down. We had lots of trips down there in the red zone and it was frustrating to only come out with three points in the first half. That was sort of my frustration.

Q: Hey Colt, how did the operation go with [Tight Ends Coach] Freddie [Kitchens] being the one in your ear calling plays?

A: Yeah, it was good. You know, there were some ups and downs there, but I think Freddie did a really nice job there. It didn’t change much as far as the plays we would’ve run with [Offensive Coordinator] Jason [Garrett]. The communication was good. I think my frustration lies in we just have to be better in the red zone. That’s the bottom line and I think I can do a much better job, but I think collectively as a group we’ve got to figure it out when we get down there.

Q: When you say, ‘ups and downs,’ is that what you’re referring to, just felt like you didn’t finish drives?

A: Yeah, just didn’t finish drives. First half, I felt like we didn’t even punt, so we were moving the ball, we just shot ourselves in the foot. You know, we went for it on fourth down down and came up a half [yard] short, so those are huge plays in a game like this that we’ve got to make. If we want to go for it on fourth down with a fake field goal, we’ve got to convert it. You want to win football games, that’s what you’ve got to do.

Q: Hey Colt, why is it such a trouble for this team to score points right now? This is the fourth straight game you guys as a whole scored under 20 points.

A: I agree. I think when our defense holds an offense like that to 20 points we’ve got to pull our side of the ball, we’ve got to score some points. Like I mentioned, coming out of this game that’s my frustration is we didn’t do enough down in the red zone. A lot of that’s on me and I’ve got to be more detailed, I’ve got to be better down there. Again, I think all of us can really be better in what we do. It’s tough. That’s frustrating, not scoring in the red zone is frustrating. That’s where we have to be better and if we were better in that area today things would’ve been different.

Q: How much was trying to hit a big play and get some big plays out of the offense part of the game plan? It seemed like earlier you guys were trying to hit some deep shots.

A: Yeah, we tried, we tried. I think that was a part of it, getting heavy personnel and running the ball and in the second half we just didn’t run the ball that well. And some of our adjustments, some of the things we wanted to do in the second half as far as play-action, we never got to it.

Q: Colt, there was a stretch there where this team was getting better every week, winning four straight. Because we can’t be in the locker room right now, what is the mood in the locker room after two straight losses right now and at a point where you had a chance to jump back into first place with a win today, but now you’re in third and time may be running out?

A: I don’t think anyone is down, I think everyone is just fine. We know what’s at stake, we knew this was a big game and we just didn’t get it done. That’s frustrating. I think frustration is probably the way everyone feels in there because we’re well-coached, we work really hard each week, we had a lot of things go on this week that could’ve been a distraction and I felt like as a group and as an offense we really pushed through that. We moved the ball up and down the field and we just have to figure out how to score touchdowns, that’s the bottom line. Our defense is playing well, they only gave up 20 points. I think if you want to point the finger at anybody you can point it at me, I need to be better, I need to get us lined up right, I need to make sure I’m pinpoint with my throws down in the red zone and we’ve got to score more points.

Q: Colt, do you leave the stadium tonight assuming that you’re going to be starting next week? What’s your thought process with where [Quarterback] Daniel [Jones] is?

A: I think you guys are going to have to talk to Daniel. I’m not sure. I know he pushed really hard to play this week. The trainers are with him everyday and he’s working hard, he’s a competitor. If he can be out there he’s going to be out there, I know that.