Lions Players (11.21.21)

Lions QB Tim Boyle:

On his performance during his first career start:

“It is pretty quick after the game here, but in the short time I have been able to reflect, obviously, an incredible experience for me. Every play that I got, I was able to mentally bank and grow from. Early in the first quarter, (Lions QB) Jared (Goff) told me earlier in the week that the first quarter in your first game is kind of a blur, and he was 100 percent right. It happened quick. You settle into the game. Overall, good experience, but at the end of the day, did not play well enough to win, and that falls on me. A lot of room to grow in that department.”


On the throw to Lions RB D’Andre Swift early in the game:

“It was a choice route and a good learning experience for me. I have to be a little bit more patient with him. I could have taken a little longer to see and let the route develop. I think ultimately he made the right decision. That is why I am a little bummed by it. Just miscommunication, and like I said, it ultimately falls on me.


“I thought he was just going to sit it down, and he broke inside. Actually, right when he started breaking in is when I threw it, and I was like, ‘Oh, hopefully, he does not get caught, but he was bobbling the ball a little bit. It is a whole different ball game, even if that is an incomplete pass, we are kicking a field goal and it is a 13-13 game, and it is a whole different environment. As the quarterback, you have to reflect on the game, see how your choices and what you do with the ball impacts the game. Like I said, an incredible learning experience for me, but being on the negative side of one of these really does hurt.”


On if this gives him more appreciation for NFL quarterbacks and if it blows his mind what they do week to week:

“It does. It does not really blow my mind. I have been in the NFL for four years now. I am not a rookie. It is my first start, but I have been around it so I appreciate it. When you are in there for four quarters, it gives you an appreciation. Ultimately, they called my number to come play well. I did not play well enough, which is the unfortunate part, but like I said, a good learning experience. I am going to bank all of those reps, and I’m going to be better for it.”


On if Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell called too safe of a game:

“No, I think he did a great job of calling plays today. I really do. Football games are so fluid. Every play dictates the next, and I think he called a great game. To answer your question, I do not feel like he was too reserved or too demanding of me. I think he called a great game, and he called his shots when they were there and some drop backs when they were there but like I said, ultimately, it falls on me and I got to be better.”


On working with the Lions first team offense this week and today:

“In reflecting, it was my first time playing with all of those guys. I got a couple of starts in preseason. I do not think I had a bunch of those guys. First time throwing with Swift this week (Lions TE) T.J. (Hockenson) this week and getting timing down, and we worked through those as the week progressed. I have not played football in 10-11 weeks. Not an excuse at all, but the fact that I started today and that I have these reps in the pocket with the incredible pass rush that they have, it was a great learning experience. It is something I will remember forever but a loss does not feel good.”


More on his performance:

“My expectation is to play well every week. That is my expectation as a player. That is what the team expects from whoever is playing quarterback for the Lions. Ultimately, the quarterback touches the ball every play, and it is up to me to go get the win. Great learning experiences today. It is frustrating, but looking back, all you can do now is reflect on what you did, watch the film, be critical and grow. I do not want to sit here in self-pity and feel bad for myself. What I can do now is recover, learn from my mistakes and be a better player for it.”


On CB Denzel Ward’s interception:

“I saw the safety cut the crosser that T.J. was running so I knew it was going to be one of those 50-50 balls. Really good corner in the boundary there by No. 21. Going into the game, he was one of those guys that we said we should be cautious of. Throwing up a 50-50 ball and expecting (Lions WR) Josh (Reynolds) to go make the play, but stuff like that happens sometimes. A good corner gets paid a lot of money and steps in front of the ball. Another great learning experience for both of us.”


On another missed connection during the game:

“Ultimately, that falls on my patience with the play and being a little more patient and letting the route develop so I am not – I do not want to say guessing – but I can do a better job of reading his body movements in certain choice routes. Ultimately, I think he made the right choice and I can be more patient.”


On how to make improvements with a short week:

“I do not think it limits much. The growth happens in the mind. Physically, we all have the talent. It is the NFL. I think the part that I on a short week and every quarterback on a short week is evaluating yourself in a game and have such a short turnaround and getting ready for now the Bears. I do agree that with every rep that I get, whether it be a start or if I am out there for a single rep, I am going to continue to get better because like I said I have been in the NFL for four years. I think before this game, I threw four passes and I completed four of them, and I do not have a bulk of experience in the NFL so with every opportunity I get, I am going to continue to get better and I firmly believe that.”


On the night and week before his first start:
“It was kind of a rollercoaster at times emotionally. You get amped up, it is your first start and you are away at a cool place like this where the fans are going to be loud. You kind of have that kid like energy, but also at quarterback, you have to be calm, cool and collected, and you have to think clearly. All week, it was kind of just a matter of finding the middle ground between those two. I think I did a good job leading up to the game. Last night, I had a great session with our practice squad quarterback Steven Montez where we went through every single call on the play sheet. I felt really good about the plan. Ultimately, at the end of the day, we did not get the win, and it falls on me. It really does. We will be better for it but we are looking forward to Chicago.”


On if he did anything in particular to draw the Browns defense offside multiple times and if that was part of the gameplan:

“No, not necessarily. We knew they would be a jumpy group just because it is such an aggressive pass rush. Under center, when I was able to use my cadence, I tried to mix it up just to help our tackles out. When you have two edge rushers like that, it is tough. I knew going into the game I had to switch up my cadence, but I do want to credit (Packers QB) Aaron Rodgers for that one. Being around him, truly, that is really where I learned my cadence, understanding voice inflections and understanding what defensive guys are trying to hear. He is one of the best to do it. I credit that to him. It was good to see it happen in a game, and we were able to get a couple of free downs.”


On how much he would like to have Campbell call more deep pass calls:

“Whatever call he calls is going to be great. It is up to us to execute what he calls, and we all trust him. He is an awesome head coach. We love playing for him. We love fighting for him because he fights for us. He really does. When that play comes through my helmet, it is confident and it is my job to relay that confidence to that group in the huddle. I think that happened today. In the second half, we got it going, but we just fell short.”


On potentially playing on Thanksgiving Day:

“I remember watching Cowboy games and Lions games when I was a little kid. Just the fact that I get to partake in and just be on the roster of an NFL game on Thanksgiving is just a going to be so special. It is interesting because it is the shortest week in football. We have a noon game. (Lions QB) David Blough let us know it is the shortest week in football, and we have to turn it around. He is right. Thanksgiving is going to be special. It really will be. I was actually talking with one of my cousins, and every Thanksgiving, we got together as a family and we used to watch the games. He said, ‘Just the fact that you are going to be out there and that it is going to be you out there on the field on the team is going to be so special.’ Thanksgiving is a special day, and I am looking forward to it. I really am.”


Lions CB Amani Oruwariye:

On how tough it was when a couple of third down penalties gave the Browns opportunities:

“Yeah, it is tough. We always talk about the position we are in as a team. We can’t afford to have any mistakes. I know that is unrealistic being in the NFL, but that is the standard we have to have. Too many penalties in the first half. Third down, could not get off of the field. We definitely were a lot better in the second half, but just maybe that little thing could have been different.”


On what turned the game in the second half:

“It was not a lot of adjustments to the gameplan. It was just executing the call. Less penalties, like I said, wrapping up tackles and getting off of the field. Just executing. That is all it was. Like you said, we did better in the second half.”


On how difficult it is to play perfect in the NFL when the offense is struggling:

“We try not to even worry about that. We have our hands full on defense to even worry about what they are doing. They are going to get it going. We have the mentality that if they do not score, they do not win. They scored 13 points.”


On Lions defense’s effort:

“I feel like since Coach got here, we have a standard and mentality we want to play with on defense. It is not just for now. It is for the year to build on, and I feel like we picked it up a lot as the season has gone on but still is not where we want to be so we will clean up the film and improve.”


On his interception:

“Just right place, right time. That is all it was.”


On the team’s mood in the locker room:

“It is crazy. You would think we would be down and out, but we are not. You have a lot of guys in there who are still believing and fighting their tails off, and we know we are going to be on the other side of this at some point. We just have to keep doing what we are doing.”


Lions RB D’Andre Swift:

On the Lions offensive performance in the second half:

“A lot more opportunities out there in the second half. I feel like the first half went fast, I do not even know how many possessions we had. We just have to start better. Sustain more drives. We get off the field too fast.”


On how he feels physically:

“I am good. We have a short week. Have to get recovery on my body, but I am fine.”


On his 57-yard touchdown run:

“Tried to set it up inside, bounced it out a little bit. The safety came down, made him miss, and started running.”


On his amount of carries and if he should have had more:

“That is not up to me. I can’t do anything, but do my job – my job when I am called on.


On if he gets into rhythm when he has more touches:

“Most definitely. I feel like that is for any position. The longer you are out there, the longer you get a feel for the game. Yes, you definitely get into rhythm.”


On what he feels to have back-to-back 100-yard games and the Lions losing both contests:

“I feel like I am not doing enough. We are not winning. There is always opportunities to get better. Look at the film and see where I could have scored again, where I could have done something else, got a few more yards. It was not enough.”


On the level of frustration with the Lions now 0-9-1 on the season:

“It is really frustrating. Nobody likes to lose. Play to win, hate losing. We just have to find a way to win. Keep going. Keep pushing. Like (Head Coach) Dan (Campbell) always says, you can’t grow numb to it. Can’t be an ongoing thing. Have to keep going and find a way to get one.”


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