Linebackers coach Jason Tarver (10.1.21)

On LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah’s performance last week:

“What Jeremiah did well was staying in his process and starting the game and starting the plays correctly, using what we do to start plays. Just his patience at the beginning of the play and how he was able to fit and move, and he got more in the groove than he has before. That was really cool to see. When he stays in his process and when we all stay in our process, that is when we can be our best.”


On if Owusu-Koramoah has progressed more quickly than expected:

“I think he is right where he needs to be. We just focus on doing our best every day because there are things that every player – not just Jeremiah – when they get to this level there are things that are new every day, and it is all how quickly we can become a one-time correction. If something happens and it is like this, even today he is on the field and points over to me like, ‘What he should have done?’ He gave me a hand signal, and I was like, ‘Yeah, good.’ Things like that. That happens, and that happens in the progression of every young player.”


On if Owusu-Koramoah corrected himself following a mistake today in practice:

“Yes, he knew what he should have done and that. When you are conscious in the moment, that is when that happens faster for anyone. We talk about the best ones play one play at a time. I was around (former NFL LB) Takeo Spikes – I have said this to the media before – his phrase was and he was great about getting his mind right, but he would beat into his own head, ‘The next play is the best play. Next play is the best play. Next play is the best play.’ That is our mindset. That is how when you are in that focus and feel it, and you go ‘Oh, I should have done this,’ he is getting good – not just Jeremiah but all of the guys look over and go, ‘I should have done this, Coach.’ I just go ‘Yep.’ If you can fix it right away, that is cool.”


On if Owusu-Koramoah can show off more of his athletic skills now that he is getting more comfortable:

“Yeah, it is the [answer to the] first question. It is that process when you are in that correct process and your eyes are in the right spot. Coaches can help you at the start of the down or the end of the down, like finish, we are going to run to the ball. If somebody is not running, yeah, we are going to yell at you because that is what we do, we run to the ball. We can help you in the beginning and can help you in the end. In the middle, we just want to put you in the spot where you can go feel and play. That is where he is growing in the play, and we are growing together as a defense. You see it happening at all positions.”


On his excitement to see the Browns’ attack mode on defense and if the team can continue it going forward:

“Our mindset is we have to bring that every day we are out here. We just finished a good week of practice where we improved each day. We need to bring that daily. That grows as you play through the year and you get used to each other. We got better and better playing together, especially in certain situations and situational football. We have to feed off of each other. The linebacker’s job is to get everybody lined up and bring that. If we are not doing it… That is our main job is run and bring the energy.”


On if the Browns LBs need to help ignite the Browns DL with an attacking mentality:

“We all ignite each other. There are 11 of us on the field. Let me tell you, that is out job; we are linebackers. We have to make the call to get everybody started. We want to make that call as clean and crisp as we can. We want to talk to each other and then we want to let it loose.”


On what LB Anthony Walker Jr. has brought to the team despite being sidelined due to injury:

“Anthony is wonderful. He is a son of a coach, and he thinks about football and people, and he cares about each and every person being their best. He helps with that on and off of the field. I can’t say enough about him, and he is great not only with the linebackers but with our entire football team. I am proud of him and impressed because sometimes when you get hurt, it is hard to be the same person every day because you get a little down and you can’t play. Not Anthony. He is awesome.”


On if Walker will be the same player when returning from injury:

“Oh yeah, he studies probably more now. (LB) Jacob Phillips is doing great, too. These guys are competing to answer all of the questions in the meeting. They compete to see who is first. I love it.”


On how valuable it is to have veteran LB Malcolm Smith to fill in for Walker:

“Guys like Malcolm make you so proud to be in the group and around people. He is amazing in how he can focus and stay in the moment and how he sees everything and how he can make it simple. He can make it easier even than coaches can. He is great, and his ability to play all positions over the past two years for us, I can’t say enough about him and what he does.”


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