LBs coach Jason Tarver (8.4.21)

On takeaways from the first practices of training camp:

“We have been really deliberate in learning our scheme and our techniques. We are really trying to master our scheme and our techniques. Before we got into pads, we were doing a really good job of that. We were more efficient this season when we got into pads than we were in the past, which was good to see from our group. Then being able to work together, that has been impressive how well our guys have been communicating.”


On LB Jacob Phillips at MIKE:

“Jacob has done some stuff this camp where he looks at the entire defense and just yells, ‘Hey, you are supposed to be over here.’ Love that. Love that. He has that personality where he wants to be right and wants to run it. Smart. Wants to know all of the rules. We like Jacob at all positions, but he is doing a nice job of being that guy who can communicate and run the defense.”


On how much Phillips can learn from a seasoned veteran like LB Anthony Walker:

“Anthony has been absolutely wonderful for our group. (LB) Mack Wilson and Anthony got themselves in really good shape. That has helped Mack. Just being able to bounce things off of Anthony’s experience in a similar system and Jacob his experience from last year and the way that we say things, they are working together to figure out the best way to do it. That is exciting.”


On Mack returning in a great physical shape this training camp and how that affects Mack’s performance:

“Mack is more flexible and more bendable. He is running really well. He is finishing to the ball well, which is our No. 1 thing for linebackers is run because we have to be able to run across the board. He has put himself in a position to compete by being in shape. He is in much better shape. He is lighter, but he has more lean muscle mass. Proud of the work he has done and excited to see where he is going.”


On how adding a player like DE Jadeveon Clowney helps the Browns LBs:

“Disruption. We are excited about the group of players, whoever is in and whatever 11 are on the field. Just being able to disrupt things and our linebackers will be able to make more things right. That is your job as a linebacker. A linebacker, you are back off of the ball so that you can make right what happens in front of you. We are excited to be able to do that.”


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