LB Sione Takitaki (9.17.21)

On evaluating last week’s game film:

“Whether it was a win or lose, you can always learn from something. That is what I learned at an early age. We definitely have to tighten up on some things. We showed a lot of good, but we can definitely tighten up. That is what we came here on Monday, watched the film and see what we can learn from our mistakes and move forward.”


On the challenge the Texans present:

“They are a good team. They like to run the ball. A big front – 13 (personnel), 12, bigger fronts like 21, 22. We are going to have to defend the run and defend the pass too because they definitely get out there. (Texans QB) (Tyrod) Taylor is definitely a good quarterback. He can scramble and he can throw the ball so we are going are definitely have to contain him and do all of that stuff.”


On if the Browns expect to have three LBs on the field more this week:

“You are going to have to watch on Sunday. I can’t really talk about gameplan, but you are expecting a bigger 13 P or 12 P type of defense.”


On if Taylor poses a lot of similar challenges to Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes from a mobility standpoint:

“Yeah, the mobility is there. He has had it for so many years. When you turn on the tape, he can definitely extend plays. He is looking to throw the ball, but he can definitely run the ball too on his legs, scramble and get out there.”