LB Sione Takitaki (10.3.22)


On the Browns run defense’s struggles in the fourth quarter:

“Obviously, when it came down to the fourth quarter, we still were in the game. I felt like we could have done better. Obviously, all around we could have done better. It is not really one position group. I feel like we all had our downs at times in our position groups. To be honest, it is about playing tight once it gets to the fourth quarter.”


On how much the defense missed DEs Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney, especially in the fourth quarter:

“Honestly, the young guys came in and we were playing well, and we were still in the game the whole time. We were able to still kind of win the game. Obviously, the big question is to have those guys back, JD and Myles, is big. You know what those guys bring setting edges and being stout up front. Let those guys get healthy, and we will be happy when those guys return.”


On the differences between practice and game speeds for younger Browns players who had larger roles in yesterday’s game:

“Obviously, we had a bunch of young guys in there. They did a good job. A lot of them were playing some of their first games kind of taking on that load of reps. You had (DE Alex) Wright and all of those other guys. I think as the game went on early on, we were kind of knocking out the run and filling out some gaps, but I think it is just that camaraderie and being on the same page with all of the same guys. Us just knowing and understanding what the front is going to do and what the linebackers and safeties are going to do. I feel like moving on, I think we can be much better. We will be better going forward.”


On if a game like yesterday further highlights parity across the NFL:

“They get paid too, and they are a good NFL team. They were doing a lot of bounce, stretch plays where they are trying to crease us. I give them credit. They did a great job throughout the whole game. It was a battle for 60 minutes, and I feel like they definitely did a good job.”


On the long pass the Falcons completed in the fourth quarter and if it was a matter of a technique issue as Head Coach Kevin Stefanski shared in a press conference:

“Definitely what Coach said. It was just a technique issue. We were off on a little technique issue, and that was it. Obviously, we got beat on that play, a guy ran free and that is it. Can’t be having that. Can’t be having guys running free. That is something that we have to tighten up. We came in today, kind of looked at the film and watched it, and it is hard when you lose like this when it is a game you know you can win and we didn’t. We came in here, corrected it all and that play that you were talking about. Now, we flushed it. We just got done watching film and corrected all of our issues, and now we are moving forward.”


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