LB Malcolm Smith (9.22.21)


On how he felt Monday morning after playing all over the field on Sunday:

“I was good, other than my knee getting hit. I was pretty good otherwise.”


On if he came off of the field on Sunday as the result of his knee getting hit:

“Yeah, you know that one spot you get bumped on your knee and it kind of takes you out for a second. It was 10 seconds of intense pain, but it was fine after that.”


On if he had the interception on Sunday in his hands the entire time or if he had to take it away from the Texans WR:

“I had it the whole time. He tried to take it. I was trying to get up, but I had it in my left hand so he dove in and tried to take it back.”


On Bears QB Justin Fields:

“He is a really good athlete. He was awesome in college. It seems like he can make every throw, and obviously, he can make plays with his legs. We are just going to try and challenge him. I am sure they are going to have some special stuff built in for him because he is a high draft pick and a special player. We just go out and try to handle it.”


On the challenge preparing for two QBs, given it is not yet known if Fields or Bears QB Andy Dalton will start on Sunday:

“I think there is a little more film time. Obviously, the coaches will have to plan a little bit more and different styles of game play coming from the offense. I am sure the things that they have done well as a team they want to continue to do. You have to expect those for sure.”


On if the Browns defense has progress as he expected:

“It is a challenging league, especially nowadays there are a lot of moving parts. You have to adjust. Even within a game, you have to adjust. I think that is something that we have to hang our hats on is making those adjustments once we see things in the first half and overall staying consistent with what we do well. We are getting there. We are working on it.”