LB Mack Wilson (11.22.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • LB Mack Wilson


LB Mack Wilson:

On how much better is he today compared to when he became the starting WILL:

“A whole lot better. I feel like just transitioning from the Rams game to my first start and just now, it has been totally different. I have been able to play faster and everything is just going smooth.”


On if the game has slowed down:

“Oh yeah, it slowed down definitely. I see things quicker than I used to when I first started starting in the National Football League because this game is very fast. I had to just adjust to the speed, and I feel like I have been doing a great job with that. My eyes have been better. It is starting to come easier. I am starting to expect things before the play even happens.”


On if he has learned from playing with MIKE Joe Schobert:

“Oh yeah, of course. I had a guy like that in college, high school. (Redskins LB) Shaun Dion Hamilton, he plays linebacker for the Redskins right now. He knew the defense in and out, and he was able to help me play fast when I was young. That is how I feel it is with Joe right now. With me being a rookie and him being a four-year vet, it helps me out a lot because he knows the system in and out and I am just trying to learn it day by day. I am getting more comfortable with it, and I feel like both of us are interchangeable and we can play each other’s position – I can MIKE, and he can play WILL. That is the whole thing for both of us to know what everybody is doing on the field.”


On if he is trying to play catch up with Schobert’s knowledge and potentially be able to call the defense if needed:

“Yeah, I can play the MIKE, but Joe is a good MIKE linebacker. He can make the calls. I am confident I can do the same, but Joe is a veteran guy. They trust him to the fullest. It is not really a catch up. It comes with time. With me being a rookie, it is not an excuse but it is getting better. I am progressing.”


On if he is ready for his coverage skills to be tested this Sunday, given the Dolphins will most likely challenge him:

“Oh yeah, I am ready so I can an interception or something (laughter). Whatever it takes to help this team win that is what I am all about. We just have to play football and expect them to run the ball still.”


On if he was disappointed with DE Myles Garrett’s indefinite suspension being upheld:

“It is out of our control. It happened. We came in, and we talked it over as a team. We are just trying to move on from it and just try to support Myles in every way that we can. We are going to continue to support him. We just have to stick together as brothers and continue to just build and learn from it.”


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