LB Joe Schobert and DE Olivier Vernon (12.20.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • LB Joe Schobert
  • DE Olivier Vernon


LB Joe Schobert:

On the key to slowing down the Ravens run game:

“Everybody has to do your exact job on every single snap, fit in your gap and hold your gap. Obviously, the quarterback adds an extra element. You just have to rally to him when he gets out in space. He can make you miss so you can’t get stuck on one-for-one and get a win every time.”


On how much changes on the Brown DL affected the team against the Cardinals run game and Cardinals QB Kyler Murray:

“I do not think it affected it. Obviously, we do not have (DE) Myles (Garrett). Obviously, OV (DE Olivier Vernon) was not playing. We have a bunch of new guys who have come in recently, and stepped up for what they have been asked to do. They are doing their job. I think as a whole defense at every single level, we have to do better in just terms of getting the ball carrier down.”


On facing Ravens QB Lamar Jackson for the third time and if that helps him prepare and have a feel for Jackson:

“Yeah, you just know what to expect – well, not what to what to expect but like the speed of the game, how he is going to be and the kind of athlete he is out there. I have played against this offense, these tight ends for a long time. We know who they are and what they like to do on the field. It is just a sense of familiarity. I am not sure if that makes it anymore easier to stop because there is a familiarity with them to you. AFC North foes, played them a few times, and it is going to be competitive on Sunday.”


On if the speed of Jackson surprises him:

“I think every time you go against Lamar, something is going to surprise you. You have seen it before, and you have seen him as an athlete on the field and what he can do. You really have to bring your A game when going against him.”


DE Olivier Vernon:

On if he hopes to step up with DE Myles Garrett’s absence:

“You always want to be out there. You do not want to miss games. You always want to be out there with your teammates and winning games. At the end of the day, that is what you really want.”


On today’s practice :

“Guys just trying to limit the mistakes and make better on the communication basically.”


On if he sensed today’s practice was good:

“You have to come in, and you are going to have good days and you are going to have bad days. Today, was probably one of the days we probably could have been better with communicating. That is just something we have to get better because Sunday is right around the corner.”


On the challenge trying to contain the Ravens offense and Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

“Just contain on the rush. Contain on the rush. Putting pressure on him. Forcing him to throw the ball because the biggest thing is running the ball. If you can’t stop the run, you can’t force teams to pass. That is the biggest thing.”


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