LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (9.16.21)


On evaluating his first NFL game with the Browns:

“It was a good feel, a good experience and a loud stadium for the first time being able to play with the teammates and see what it was like out there so it was a good feeling.”


On if there is a specific moment or play from Sunday’s game that stands out most:

“Yeah, the first kickoff. Could have had the first tackle of the season. Slightly missed it. That stands out to me. It is always going to stick with me. I got it back on a couple of kickoffs later so good stuff.”


On if the first regular season game was faster than he expected:

“Of course, it is faster. I would not say it was not too much faster, but like I always say, it was still football, still players and still athletes. It was not too much faster. It was hard to adjust to a little bit and then you kind of got into the flow as the game went on.”


On the balance of the Browns wanting him to be involved in a bit of everything but not be overburdened and how that played out in Week 1:

“It was a good rotation we had. Came in on nickel downs and things like that. Still did a lot of special teams. It was a good play I had.”


On if playing against players like Chiefs TE Travis Kelce and WR Tyreek Hill feels even more different than when watching them on film:

“Like we always say, it is always a difference when you are talking about on film or you are talking about on a sheet of paper rather than in person. It is always going to be a difference. I would not say it was anything that was too crazy, but it is always a difference.”


On the last time in his football career that he was in a rotation prior to Sunday’s game at the Chiefs:

“We rotated a little bit at Notre Dame. Not as frequent, but we rotated a little bit.”


On the process of getting into a flow of the game when playing on a rotational basis:

“It is all about mindset at this point. When you are in the rotation, you have to execute on the time that you are given and be appreciative of the time you are given.”


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