LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (8.12.21)

On expectations going into his first preseason game after missing the beginning of training camp:

“My expectations are obviously high. You want to go into the game believing that you prepared yourself right. I had a 10-day setback but nothing that was too detrimental. As far as the opponent, I have seen a couple of the guys before so it will not be anything too unfamiliar. Looking forward to it. Looking to see what the outcome is.”


On if he is up to speed and expecting to play as many snaps as he hopes:

“I am probably looking to play a lot because I missed those in-practice reps. I will probably play a lot come the game, but we will see.”


On what he wants to show personally on Saturday:

“Personally, there is really nothing that I want to show personally for me because I think of myself highly. I think of myself as a ball player who knows how to play the game of football. It is really just to impress the team, impress the coaches and show that I can contribute in the best way that I can and hopefully earn my spot.”


On what he has to do to impress the coaches:

“Just execute. Execute the game plan. Be physical at the point of attack. Making sure that I get off of blocks. Just what a linebacker is supposed to do and just what a football player is supposed to do.”


On the work he did virtually when away from the team at the start of training camp and how that translated when returning to the field:

“I thought I was up to speed when I first came back – I did the walkthroughs and I ran through the plays in my mind and ran through the plays on the white board – but like I told the media a couple games back, there is nothing really like those in-game or in-practice reps to be able to simulate exactly how it feels to be out there and to have other guys coming at you ready to block you, trying to execute and being able to process things in a split second. I am not too far back and I am not far back at all in my mind, but those things do come with experience.”


On if Saturday will provide an opportunity to get further up to speed:

“Absolutely, Saturday night will be a good experience for me to be able to get those reps that I was missing. I think it will be a catchup for me.”


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