LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (7.29.22)


On the biggest difference for him this year compared to his rookie season:

“New teammates. Have new teammates, new people to connect with to bridge that new team chemistry upon. For me, it is just about relating to those people. We have (LB) Dakota (Allen) new in the LB room and (LB) Silas (Kelly) in the LB room. For me, it is all about teamwork so that is something for me that I am working on just in reference to building with my new teammates.”


On what stands out about what he did and did not do well last season:

“What I did not do well, I am not necessarily keying in on what I did not do well but more so but what I have to work on necessarily. That is how we phrase it just to conceptualize it in the right way. For me, it was more so just being patient, knowing there is a time and place for everything. As I always speak on, just the tempo and being able to know when to use my speed, when to use my quickness and things like that. The more I do it, the more I get better at it.”


On if he feels like a veteran now:

“Somebody asked me if I was my eighth year the other day (laughter). No, I do not feel like a veteran. I am still in the beginning stages. I am still learning. I am still grasping everything that I can, and I am still a student. I do not necessarily just categorize myself as a veteran but more so as a student.”


On if he potentially over-ran some plays by being too aggressive last season:

“There are some plays that I would not say that I over-ran, but there are certain plays I could have taken a better angle – I will say that.”


On how he worked to improve his game this offseason:

“The first part about improving my game is the mental aspect first. I did a lot of things in terms of my mental and keeping myself balanced. Again, entire life is about balance. Football is a game about balance. Like I just spoke about, being able to turn it and turn it off, that is a balance so that is something that I wanted to master. For me, working on my mental and working on my physical, whether it is using bands, working on my explosiveness or my power, my agility and things like that. And my spin move, too – I heard Madden had me on 53 spin move so that is something I am trying to work on (laughter).”


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