LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (6.14.22)

On comments about disconnect between the offense and defense last season and where the team stands now:

“It is always a state of correction. As we have gotten into the offseason, the front office has done a good job in recruiting, and the front office did a good job in implementing those team aspects to us. You saw the Bahamas trip. You saw the Miami trip with the defense. We are just really trying to build that camaraderie between the two. Again, we come out here and go to different places off the field so it has been good, it has been propelling and it has been going up.”


On feedback he received following those comments last season:

“It was not necessarily feedback to where it was like, ‘Why did you say that?’ It was more so like, ‘Yeah, we understand that. We understand that the team needs to be closer.” There is always a state of growth no matter what it is; it is a point of truth.”


On being a part of the NFL’s initiative of NFL Africa: The Touchdown:

“It was an amazing thing just to make sure that the guys understand that Ghana is the center, I would say, of Africa in reference to bringing across those things that are new. 1957 when Kwame Nkrumah and the independent state. It is a blessing to be able to go with those guys, to be able to go to Africa and to just be able to have that camaraderie amongst other guys first or second generation from Africa, and we are looking forward to having more.”


On what inspired him to travel to various international destinations during the offseason:

“It was just a state of wholeness and holistic being or a holistic football player. Just being able to connect body, mind and spirit and making sure the balance is there. That is really the inspiration – nothing more, nothing less.”


On his expectations for how off-field bonding will translate to the field and if the team is already seeing benefits from it:

“Absolutely. When we talk about the understanding of communicating with each other and team chemistry, it is very little things that matter. Many documentaries have come out for different teams and how they operate off the field and how it has translated on the field. It is nothing new to sports. It nothing new to us. That is just something we have been looking forward to implementing, and it has been working well.”


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