LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (5.14.21)


On his reaction when learning his first NFL game will be against the Chiefs:

“It is a dream come true. It is a situation where you just take a look at the times where you had to put the extra work in and the times where you just move on the process – it is a slow process – but we are about to see it come to fruition. We [start] with the Chiefs. I do not think it is anything different in terms of any other opponent, but as everybody knows, the Chiefs are a really good team. We are just going to not talk much about it in terms of who they are but really talk about ourselves and focus on ourselves. That is what I am planning to do in terms of playing in that game. I am just worried about myself first and foremost. The wins and losses start with yourself. That is a situation that is more internal than external.”


On media reports about his heart and his experience throughout the draft process with the situation:

“Just seeing the reports, just based on something that is not necessarily 100 percent true, it is something where you have to sit back and control the controllables. It is something that the coaches here always talk about of just being able to control what you can control. That was something that I could not control in terms of the reports that came out. Nevertheless, what I am worried about again are the things that I am dealing with in terms of whatever my heart is and whatever my heart is not – my heart is 100 percent sure; my heart is 100 percent healthy. You could see that going through the tests, going through the EKGs and going through the past MRIs and things like that. It is not an issue. It is not something that I am worried about. I am looking forward to getting on the field and going.”


On stating he would not use being drafted in the second round as additional motivation and instead focus on it being a positive experience and opportunity and if that is the same approach he is taking to the media reports about his heart:

“Again to what I spoke on before about controlling the things that I can control, what round I go in, I can’t control that. How I react to it and the situation, I can control that. Whether the heart thing going out and the reports, I can’t control that, but how I react to it, I can. That is something that I am really keying in on and just how I react to certain things, not allowing it to get to me and allow myself to form into this world that I am motivated by the external things. When you are [not] motivated by the external things, those things can then fade away. Whether that report is out there, it will fade away soon. Whether the second round is out there, it will fade away soon. There are a lot of people in the NFL who were in worse rounds than me, some were free agents and all different situations. I just really key in on things that I control.”


On where the media report on his heart could have originated:

“It just starts from something that really was based on the combine and some of their testing and what they saw, but we have doctors here at the Cleveland Browns who I was just speaking to yesterday in terms of those same [medical] reports that the draft saw. The [medical] reports looked fine. The EKGs looked fine. That is where that stems from.”


On clarifying that he is referring to the medical re-check in Indianapolis, given there was not an NFL Combine this year:



On his emotions during draft weekend and being available on Day 2 and if he speculated it may be tied to the heart report:

“I think a lot of things went into play and a lot of possibilities. Some teams may have already had picks locked in. Some teams may have not even known how to use me in their system. Some teams may have looked at the heart situation and just went off of that. There are a lot of possibilities when you talk about a team not taking you whether they think something is going on. I believe in those draft rooms there is a lot of second guessing and there is a lot of even third guessing – ‘Oh, I don’t know with this and that,’ – especially in the first round being able to pick somebody for four years or a five-year option and that is something that you really lock in on. The possibilities are out there.”


On how he mentally reacted to draft weekend and remained positive throughout the process:

“Was it hard to stay positive? I do not think it was hard to stay positive, just because I knew the work that I put in and just because I knew my talent. I know what I deserve. Whether the teams think that or whether other people think that, it is up for them to decide. All I needed was an opportunity, and that is what I had envisioned in my mind.”


On how much opportunity he has had to study the Browns’ playbook, his impression of defensive coordinator Joe Wood’s defense and why he believes he can be an asset and fit:

“This defense flies around. It is based on a principle of ‘No bark, all bite.’ It is based on the principal of attacking the ball. It is based on principals of really relying on your brothers. That is the kind of defense that I have always played in terms of Notre Dame and things like that. As we saw, that Notre Dame defense was successful, and going into this defense, there are a lot of disguises and a lot of things that Coach is doing within the defense that I think just me and my versatility are used perfectly within the defense in terms of its principals and what he is looking for.”


On the Browns changing the team’s public perception in the past year and if anything surprised him when joining the team:

“Is there anything that I did not expect? I do not know if there is anything that I did not expect. Honestly, I do not think so. When I got here, I saw how gritty the team is. Just the posters walking around, it is really set on being a difference maker. I do not think there is anything that caught me off guard because I kind of studied them a little bit prior to coming. I do not think there was anything that was too [surprising].”


On his initial impression of the Browns coaching staff:

“I guess a few words would be attention to detail is the thing that stands out when I just evaluate all of the coaching staff here. From the special teams to the performance to the support staff, everybody here is really key on the details within the field of study that they are in, whether it is medical, athletics or whether it is just support in terms of player development. Everybody is really just focusing on the details, and that is something that I really got to key in on with me being such an attentive player and with me being such a locked-in player in terms of the details. I think I fit right in, just speaking on the coaching staff, and I think that some of that stood out and stands out to me.”


On if has been told how he will be used in the Browns defense:

“Oh yeah. Absolutely. It will be similar but not too similar to the position I was playing in today. It will be a WILL linebacker. That is kind of where I am working at right now on third down and things like that. That will add more to it, but for right now, that is what I am studying.”


On if it concerns him that he may be the lightest LB in the NFL this year:

“I do not think I will be the lightest – I can name a few. Even with that, it is an advantage in terms of how the league is evolving in terms of more of a pass-based league and in terms of probably about 85 percent nickel and third-down defense. I think it is an advantage because the offense the way it is running in terms of more spread. I think it is an advantage because of how the league is moving forward and just my skillset in terms of getting to Point A to Point B in terms of slipping blocks and pressing blocks. I think that is something I will be looking forward to.”


On why he chose No. 28:

“I chose 28 because first of all because it was the best option that I had. Trying to use mathematics and figure out how I can equal six, I was trying to flip the eight around with the negative two to equal six, but there is no real motivation or story to it. I just like the number above the other numbers.”


On when he came to Cleveland:

“I came right after the draft about 6 a.m. really early. I did not even get a chance to get some sleep or any of that (laughter). I came right after the draft. I stayed for one day then and then I just got out here yesterday and getting to it today.”


On his premonition of ultimately joining the Browns:

“I used to be a Browns fan – not used to, I am a Browns fan. That is really how it came about. In terms of the teams that were speaking to me the most prior to, I was really studying up on those teams that were speaking to me the most and trying to get a head start and trying to give myself a boost in terms of my transition to the NFL.”


On what made him a Browns fan when he was younger:

“The colors. I like orange and brown. When you are little, you do not really have anything to base off of, whether it is a player, the colors, the mascot or stuff like that.”


On what teammates he has spoken to so far:

“I have spoken to a lot of guys on the team already – (CB) Denzel Ward, (LB) Mack Wilson and I spoke to a lot of the rookies, as well – a lot of funny guys already. Really guys who are open to learning more, open to learning their brothers and open to learning even this history that we refer to as history in terms of the people who are within the organization, the managers and the trainers. Really a good group here. Really a good group that reminds me a little bit of Notre Dame in terms of the brotherhood and in terms of the openness and the relatability.”


On his expectations for rookie minicamp:

“What I am expecting? Like I was talking about before in terms of details, I am expecting something that is fast and something that is packed with knowledge and packed with new things that I have not yet seen. I am really expecting a lot of information over the weekend in terms of special teams, in terms of third downs and in terms of base defenses. I am expecting a lot of information this weekend. I am really excited to get underway because this is something that I have been waiting for, this is something that I can’t wait to do and I am excited to see what it holds.”


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