LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (12.9.21)

On how tough it is to read Ravens QB Lamar Jackson pre-snap:

“With our defense, we are not really set on really reading what the quarterback is doing as it pertains to trying to figure out something that is not already known. We prepare to stop a specific play or stop a specific offense, and that is what we are really set on. We have certain things pre-snap that you look for in terms of the snap count, in terms of motions and things like that, but it is overall the offense, not something he does specifically.”


On what the Browns defense needs to tighten up after Week 12:

“We did not get the win. Anything that we could do to push us forward to get success, whether it is scoring. I know we had a lot of interceptions, but we did not score any so that is something that we are focusing on. Focus on some tracking, as well, in terms of tackling and in terms of filling the gaps to which we may have not had a breakout play on the last one as far as plastering. The quarterback loves to extend plays so making sure we stay on our guys. That is something we are keying in on.”


On what allowed him to be successful against Jackson and the Ravens in Week 12, given the recent public praise:

“It is just doing what the coaches ask me to do. The outside stuff is more buzz. I just focus on what on (defensive coordinator) Coach (Joe) Woods says my assignment is, and that is something I try to fulfill to the best of my ability. There is more work to be done, but we are working towards perfection, as always.”


On how Jackson keeps opposing defenses on its toes with his mobility and ability to extend plays, including the long TD to Ravens TE Mark Andrews:

“Like I said earlier, the big focus this week is making sure we plaster, making sure we stay on our guys and not giving too much eyes on the quarterback and keeping our eyes on our man so that those plays do not occur and so that those touchdowns do not occur. That is something we are trying to fix.”