LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (11.18.21)


On how the Browns can bounce back from last week’s loss:

“It is pretty simple: just everybody do their job. There are 11 guys on the field, and everybody has to do their assignment. When we correct those mistakes, we will definitely progress.”


On if there is a sense of urgency on the team to win now while also focusing on going 1-0 each week:

“Absolutely. It is all about perspective. The team’s perspective right now is every game is a playoff game. When you think like that or you think every game is a Super Bowl game, you will play to the best of your ability. It is all about perspective, and that is what we are aiming to do.”


On if he was limited last week with what he could do on gameday after returning from injured reserve:

“I would not say I was necessarily limited, but some things did kind of bother with the pushing, and certain things you have to react quick off of. Each day I am getting better.”


On if he was on a pitch count last week, given his number of defensive snaps played:

“Yeah, I would assume so. I was not aware of a pitch count, but it seemed like it.”


On how he felt on the field last week and if he can take the next step this week:

“I felt good out there when I was out there. Tried to execute my job the best I can. When you think about those things, it will go well.”


On how defensive coordinator Joe Woods has handled this week after last week’s loss:

“It is just about perseverance. He comes in there, he gasses up again and he gives the energy he brings and gives the juice he brings. It is all about being consistent and doing the good things. When we do that and when the coaches do that, we make the best of it.”


On if Woods’ message to the defense was different this week following the los:

“Just correct the mistakes. I told somebody earlier, it is just about correcting those things that we did wrong. When we key in on that, we will get better.”