LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (10.6.21)

On if he agrees that he has been playing well:

“Am I playing well? I do not know how to define ‘well,’ but I still have things to work on and still looking for things to correct – smaller details and things. Am I playing well? Not necessarily in my eyes. I could do better.”


On if the Browns gave him more responsibilities last week:

“Each and every week, I become more experienced. The more snaps I get, the more knowledgeable I become of the game and things like that. The more I play on the field, the more they are looking to do with me. I am just following in their footsteps. Hopefully as time goes on, I become more of a bigger role.”


On how close he is to being able to play almost every snap on defense:

“It just depends on the coaches. Every week, the personnel changes. Whatever the personnel or whatever he believes that my attributes can give to the game that specific week, that is what I will do. Again, I am following in coach’s footsteps.”


On avoiding attempted blockers and if that can be more dangerous than shedding blockers at times as it relates to assignment and gap responsibility:

“It is a possibility that it could be dangerous. I am still waiting for the moment for it to be dangerous. Hopefully, we avoid that. I just stick to my game, whatever that is. I feel like I can take on blockers. I feel like I dodge blockers and shed, all things that a linebacker encompasses. We will see as time goes on.”


On missing a tackle on the opening kickoff at Kansas City and it seeming like he is making the first tackle in each game since:

“That stuck with me. I was really sick about that. I do not really hold too much on the past, but I am always trying to correct those mistakes. That is what I have been trying to do every week.”


On making most of his tackles to the lower body and if that is a point of emphasis for him:

“I do not know. I see it as a point of emphasis, but throughout time, it has become natural. When I go hit a running back, tight end or whatever, I do not really think about, ‘Oh, I am going to chop this guy’s legs.’ It is a natural thing. That is just how I tackle.”


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