LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (10.13.22)


On how to improve tackling as a unit:

“It is about just wrapping up, tracking and being able to run your feet through the tackle. Making sure that we execute and get more hats to the ball, gang tackling. It is just doing our job. It goes back to that. It goes back to fundamentals. We have been talking about that through now. That is really what it goes back to.”


On Patriots RB Rhamondre Stevenson:

“It is a great scheme around him. The coaches are able to put him in the places that he needs to be in reference to the runs, the schemes, how the linemen pull and how the offense is just set up. They will be looking to run the ball, and we will be looking to execute on our responsibilities.”


On if LB Anthony Walker Jr. sustaining a season-ending injury has been more impactful for the Browns defense than people outside of the building initially believed:

“I think any player that gets hurt on the defense, the offense or on special teams means that much to us in reference to what they bring to the table. Of course, Anthony being a veteran, knowing our defense and knowing different offenses and how to ID them, it always means that much to us. Again, it goes back to our job and our responsibility. People have to step up, you have to step up and everybody has to step up and do their job. We have him back now so he is in our room, and he has been helping us already.”


On if there is a balance for him in run defense between staying instinctive and staying true to the call:

“I have been saying it since training camp in reference to balance and in reference tempo, making sure that you are not too far out or too far in. It goes back to what we have been talking about. We just have to executive and apply those things that we say we need to fix.”


On LB Deion Jones:

“Similar to A-Walk, he is a veteran who has been around the game for a long time. Been at the highest level in the Super Bowl. He is able to give us some feedback from the things that we may do that is not necessarily correct as linebackers, whether it is technique or whether it is scheme – he is learning the scheme pretty fast. That is what he brings to the table. He is an elusive player, a fast player but also has a lot of strength to him and is able to use his understanding and his knowledge of the game to propel himself.”


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