LB Jacob Phillips (9.26.22)


On LB Anthony Walker Jr. being placed on injured reserve:

“Very tough. Obviously, in our room, we really and on the team hold him in a high regard. He is a great teammate. Obviously, when you lose good players on your team, you wish it wouldn’t happen, but you play football long enough, injuries are going to happen. He will get through this. Prayerfully, we are just going to keep going.”


On how prepared he is to start at MIKE and serve as the green-dot player who wears the on-field communication system in his helmet to make defensive calls:

“Every time you have seen me in the game since my rookie year, I have had the green dot. It is like rally nothing new. I had the green dot last game and every game. Obviously, different things you know how to best do it officially, and it is just a part of another task that you just add on. I like it.”


On if it is hard to hear defensive calls through the on-field communication system:

“It was loud. It was loud in the stadium. Our fans were yelling this past Thursday night. You just kind of calm yourself, listen real hard and just regurgitate it out.”


On having more opportunities to contribute on defense this year, even before Walker’s injury:

“I have been very blessed and very fortunate just training camp and the start of the season remaining healthy. Just want to keep going and getting better every week. I feel like I have done that. Just keep putting it all together and trying to help my team the best I can.”


On how excited he is to get more playing time, despite it occurring following Walker’s injury:

“Very excited. Always take advantage of every opportunity you get because you never know when is the day that you may be sitting down. It is going to be good. I am going to have fun with it. I love the game. I love the team. I love everything that we have. It is going to be a whole lot of fun.”


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