LB Jacob Phillips (4.24.20)

LB Jacob Phillips:

On joining the Cleveland Browns:

“It feels amazing. I have been playing football my whole life. My inspiration was to be in this moment where I am getting drafted and playing in the NFL. To be drafted to such a special team like the Cleveland Browns, I feel so blessed about it. It is surreal.”


On being drafted by the Browns and joining several former LSU Tigers:

“It feels great. Having the LSU connection in the NFL is something that most people probably do not have. Especially since the LSU, the group of guys there are so close, I know that those are the dudes there that will be able to take me under their wing and show me the ropes.”


On S Grant Delpit as a teammate:

“That is my brother. I love playing with him. We made so many memories at LSU, all the years that we played together for two years. I am happy to take that next step and playing with him. I know we pushed each other at LSU so I know we are going to push each other in the league.”


On if he had a sense the Browns would select him:

“We talked virtually, and I assumed the Browns were one of the teams that would pick me just from my conversation with the coach. Talking to my agent and coming into today, he had a list of teams that were considering me today, and they were one of them. I am glad that they were the ones that picked me.”


On the Browns young LB core and the opportunity to make an impact on the team:

“That was one of my key things: one, to be the outcomes of this draft coming into room where I will get an opportunity. I feel as though I will be given an opportunity in Cleveland. I am ready to work. I am ready to put in every ounce that I can to succeed and help the team win. I just want to make sure that I bring that winning tradition I had in college to Cleveland.”


On if there is a specific player he has admired watching in the NFL:

“Admiring and watching, I always loved watching the LSU guys that came through before me, but I know my game is different from everybody else’s. I tend to just try and stick with what I can do and what fits me. Just trying to work at that.”


On the benefits of having multiple LSU players on the Browns:

“Being at LSU, you have to be a dog to survive. That is just the culture there. With us being there, I feel like we will bring that to the team. I can’t wait to learn from all the older dudes that are on the team and help us win.”


On his familiarity with WRs Odell Beckham Jr and looking forward to getting to know Beckham and WR Jarvis Landry:

“I do not necessarily personally know him, but I know he is an LSU great and I know how talented he is and how much he loves the game. I can’t wait to be around somebody who truly loves the game and the unselfish player like he is.”


On being able to tackle Bengals QB Joe Burrow after being college teammates:

“I am going to enjoy it. We could not tackle him in practice so I am going to enjoy it.”


On if it was a tough decision to declare for this year’s draft:

“No sir. I felt like I was ready for that next step in the NFL. Now that I know my team, I can’t wait to get to work and just show my capabilities.”


On describing himself as a player:

“I think I am somebody who rangy and can make plays all over the field, regardless of who is the ball carrier, receiver or running back. I also feel like I have a high motor, I can do multiple things and I am versatile. Also, I can bring my vocals to a defense. I am not afraid to speak, and I am not afraid to try and lead.”


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