LB Jacob Phillips (10.19.22)


On Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

“Obviously, he is a tremendous athlete. He has shown that he can throw and run. He makes up for like 80 percent of their yards really. It is going to be a big factor for us. It is a divisional game so we are used to it, seeing him two times a year. It is going to be one of those games where we have to limit him as best we can.”


On if the last three weeks have been difficult for him:

“Obviously, losing the last three weeks is difficult, just like how much you put in as a team throughout the week and then to come up short on Sunday. It is a part of the game. It is nothing that we take lightly.”


On if he has started to settle into his larger role on defense:

“Yeah, definitely. I feel like progressively from the first game to the third game, it has gotten a whole lot smoother. I think it will continue that way. Just doing the best I can.”


On how LB Deion Jones fits into the Browns defense if available to play this week:

“Not really completely sure [if he will play]. Obviously, as a room, we always preach that we need everybody and we all prepare the same throughout the week to be able to go and execute.”


On multiple Browns players taking accountability for mistakes and how the team can make corrections moving forward:

“I feel like that is a part of it. I feel like just preparation throughout the week is key to success on Sundays. I know they have been preaching 100 percent commitment for this week, treat this game like a playoff game and all of those things. I feel like those are real things to do because when you are 100 percent committed and the preparation is there throughout the week, it just makes everything move a lot easier, faster and smoother on Sunday. The communication is there and the trust is there from teammate to teammate and from coach to player. It is just one of those things where still we are getting towards the middle of the season, and we know we want to buckle down on our mistakes and correct.”


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