LB Deion Jones (10.21.22)


On if he feels ready to go for Sunday:

“Yeah, I am ready. I am ready to go.”


On if he believes he will play on Sunday:

“I think I should get a little spin. We will see what’s up.”


On linebackers coach Jason Tarver saying he is picking up the system quickly and could be wearing the green-dot helmet communication system in the near future, and if he would potentially be ready to do that on Sunday:

“If it came down to it, I am pretty sure I could. Like I said, just learning everything and getting up to speed. I figure everybody in our is able to play well and is up to speed. It should be a good game.”


On if he saw opportunities during the Patriots game where he could ultimately contribute:

“I think that is with every game just seeing what we can get better, communication and stuff like that. I think that is the biggest thing. Other than that, I think they played a clean game. It was just a couple of plays here and there, and we just have to correct them.”


On the unique challenges facing Ravens QB Lamar Jackson as a LB:

“Plaster when he tries to extend and being in tight coverage when trying to extend the play. Also, when he does cross the line, get him on the ground. He is elusive. He knows angles. He knows how to get out of bounds. He knows how to slide to be safe. He is a good quarterback. We just have to account for him.”


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