LB Christian Kirksey and DT Larry Ogunjobi (8.14.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • LB Christian Kirksey
  • DT Larry Ogunjobi


LB Christian Kirksey:

On the Browns defense today:

“I think the defense did well. Just going against another offense is definitely helpful for us to see different looks. I think we had high energy running around. It was great competition.”


On if players are elevating their game practicing against another team:

“You get tired of going against your teammate for three weeks. It feels good to go against an opponent, ramp up the energy and get your pads loose against another guy. It is just a little more competition. That is what is to be expected.”


On if he knows what happened with the scuffle in practice:

“No, I have no idea. I think it was just something after the play where everybody just got tangled up and everybody was trying to go their separate ways. I don’t think it was nothing too serious.”


On if doesn’t believe the Browns will be penalized for the scuffle:

“No, we are not doing that.”


On if it is beneficial to focus on good with both teams by avoiding scuffles:

“At the end of the day, we are all trying to get something accomplished and that is to finish this camp, compete and get ready to play each other on Saturday. Just getting good work, competition work. It is not about the fights. It is not about seeing who is the biggest, baddest team after the whistle. It is about in between the lines, play football and getting each other better.”


DT Larry Ogunjobi:

On having the first team DL back together:

“Cool, I like it. A lot of fun. A lot of fun. We are turning to gel together really nicely, starting to play off each other so it is cool.”


On the DL moving around:

“It is cool. I like it. It kind of keeps you going on your toes and stuff and not trying to get a beat on us.”


On if he has started to get a feel for how good the Browns DL can be:

“Definitely. Just to how we play off each other, the things that we are doing, rushing, stopping the run, those things. It is cool just being able to kind of feel the guys out and understand alright, this is what (DE) Myles (Garrett) likes to do or (DE) Olivier Vernon, (DT) Sheldon (Richardson) and then just work off each other from there.”


On if he has seen something Garrett has done that really surprised him:

“You want my honest answer? No because I have like really high expectations for Myles because we are real close. Nothing like we talk about like the things that we have to do so nothing ever really surprises me because I know he is that kind of player. He is that talented. He just has to keep raising the bar some more because a lot of people they are kind of like ‘Ahh.’ I want Myles to be better than anybody expects him to be.”


On if he is ever shocked when Garrett gets into the backfield quickly:

“Nope. I am trying to get back there, too (laughter).”


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