LB B.J. Goodson (9.27.20)

LB B.J Goodson:

On making big plays at key moments in the game:

“Just playing and trusting the process that we work on throughout the week. Our work is working. Just continuing to trust the process and focus in on the situations.”


On the Browns defense’s end zone celebrations:

“It is just something we decided we would do as a team and defense is celebrate together. That is our form and our way of saying yeah, I touched the ball, but this is all of us. If the rush doesn’t get there, then I don’t get the pick. This is team ball.”

On the Browns intercepting Washington QB Dwayne Haskins multiple times:

“Just trusting the process, trusting our keys and what we have been seeing all week. Our coaches did a great job of game planning it.”

On if he decided to come to the Browns with a desire to make big plays and if the focus is on the team for him:

“Yes ma’am. I am here to help uplift and help build something special.”

On the Browns team’s camaraderie: 

“We definitely have at tight bunch. I believe the guys, we have all bought into the process. That is a huge part of our two victories.”

On how important it as a defense to finish as strongly as the Browns did today:

“It is very important. We talked about situational ball all week, and we were challenged. I feel like we stepped up to that challenge. I am proud of our guys.”

On his assessment of the Browns defense so far this season:

“To be honest, we have to keep getting better. We have to keep scrambling for more and keep striving for better. We had a great game as far as takeaways, but there are always things we can be better at and get better at doing. Yes, we made progress through those first couple of games, but we can get a lot better.”

On his emotions on S Karl Joseph’s interception, including the forced fumble and CB Tavierre Thomas’ fumble recovery:

“Yes, that play was full of mixed emotions – the interception, the fumble and fumble recovery – as you can imagine. Other than that, it was all good.”

On DE Miles Garrett’s impact on their team and Garrett making big plays at a key moment in back-to-back weeks: 

“All of the turnovers were big in the game. Pregame and all week, we have been talking about feeding off each other’s energy and making plays so I thought we did a great job of that today.”

On the Browns’ talent on defense, despite it seeming to fly under the radar:   

“We are just a head-down bunch so working every single day to get better. We do not get too high with the highs and we do not get too low with the lows. We are just striving to get better.”

On if he will simply let Garrett take the glory and he will take the wins:

“I will take the wins (laughter).”

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