LB B.J. Goodson (12.7.20)

LB B.J. Goodson:

On if he is more vocal now because he knows the team or if that is simply his personality:

“That is just who I am. It is something that I take pride in, something that I am passionate about and I enjoy doing it. I guess I just enjoy doing it, and it is a great part of the process. I just really take pride in guys leaning in on me and just giving everyone the juice that they need to get through.”

On if it was a load tackling Titans RB Derrick Henry on the two-point conversion attempt:

“It is just really hard to explain. It is all a part of the game. It is fun.”

On what does the Browns defense needs to do to better contain TEs, including against the Ravens on Monday:

“The last game versus them was our first game playing together as far as the defense goes, which there are no excuses for it, like I have said before. We just have to come out and challenge the tight ends a little bit better going into this game.”

On how Ravens QB Lamar Jackson returning from reserve/COVID-19 impact Jackson, given how it impacted DE Myles Garrett last week:

“He is a great athlete. I am pretty sure he will not have much drop off as far as that goes. That is good. I am excited and looking forward to competing.”

On the Browns playing with five DL yesterday and its impact on the game:

“I really enjoyed it, playing behind that. I really enjoyed it. It was a great addition to the gameplan last week.”

On his play on the Titans’ T eligible pass:
“We knew he was an eligible receiver. Did not think that he would be leaking out for a throw. Just instincts kind of took over and grabbed the guy.”

On Garrett’s performance after missing two games:

“I thought he did great coming back. I thought he did great. Made some big plays and played well.”

On DE Olivier Vernon stepping up in recent weeks:

“OV has been big for us all year long. I am excited and happy for the success that he has had and that I feel like he is going to continue having.”

On if the Browns proved something to themselves yesterday after beating a legitimate AFC title contender in the Titans:

“That game was a big game because it was the next game. We kind of take that approach week in and week out. It is a lot of work to be done. It is still a lot of work to be done.”

On if the Browns are even hungrier now at 9-3 and are seizing the moment:

“Yeah, but I am in love with the fact that guys are in that grind mode and mentality. I do not feel like any of us are content with where we are. We all understand that we can be better. With just that and the determination and the work ethic that we all have, I feel like we will get where we want to go.”

On what has he learned about QB Baker Mayfield this year and following yesterday’s performance:

“He loves football. He loves football. That is the biggest thing and biggest key is he is adamant about football and he loves to compete. As you can tell, he has been very expressive as far as his play and how things go, and I love the way that he leads the offense.”

On the unique circumstances that the Ravens have faced in recent weeks:
“Going into the event, I feel like they will have their best foot forward going into the game. Not saying that they have had any excuses the past few weeks, but I know that we will get their best shot. Looking forward to it.”

On what he learned from his time with the Packers about what needs to happen to make a playoff run:

“It is just work. It is work and prepare, and the guys who execute going into the playoffs are the guys who are most successful. The turnover rates are huge, the turnover margin is huge going into the playoffs and going on that playoff run. Just keeping the momentum and keeping the ball rolling.”

On not being a three-down LB with the Packers last year in Packers defensive coordinator Mike Pettine’s scheme as he is with the Browns and if that impacted his decision to sign with the Browns:

“First and foremost, Coach Pettine is a great coach. I would like to state that first. Due to the scheme that he was running, I was not able to be on the field as much. As you can see, it is a very successful system. It is a great system to be in. That was my calling there as far as what they needed me to be for the defense. Honestly, I got there and had to learn a defense in a short term. As far as my decision goes, I do not think that that played the biggest role in it, but I do think that I like the [Browns] defense.”

On if he is referring to the Browns defense:

“I love the defense that I am in, of course.”

On the Browns’ opponents being able to cut into significant leads to create close games and if there are areas that can be corrected regarding it:

“There are definitely things that need to be corrected and executed on our behalf. Like you just said, we have been in quite a few games like that this year and have come out on top. You never want the games to be that close. There are things that we need to work on for sure to make sure that we keep our foot on the pedal.”

On leadership lessons from Packers veterans, particularly as it relates to a playoff push:

“That is something that I definitely feel like I have picked up from that culture, just being around (Packers QB) Aaron (Rodgers) and how he carries himself, (Packers OLB) Za’Darius (Smith) and (Packers TE) Mercedes (Lewis). They have a lot of great leaders on the staff and on the defense as far as that goes. (Packers RB) Jamaal Williams while I was there is another great leader. While I was there, I had the opportunity to see how each guy led there because they stacked quite a few leaders. Whether they showed it with action or saying it verbally, they were all leading. I feel like that was something that I picked up and carried on my journey.”

On the Browns now compared to the season opener against the Ravens: 

“Just going week in and week out and winning week in and week out. We knew we did not start off the way that we wanted, but we all knew that with the guys that we have had all of camp and the guys that fought all of camp, we knew with the personnel and with the guys that we had that we would come through on the other side. I am proud of where we are, but we still have a lot of work to do.”

On DT Sheldon Richardson and him coming up with big plays in yesterday’s game: 

“That is just something that we have been able to do and have had great success with, and that is picking up and everyone is feeding off of each other’s energy. That is a big part of our success and genuinely being happy for our brothers as they make plays. That is a huge part of our success. I just try to keep that as one of the pillars – make sure we are having fun out there, regardless of the situation.”

On if Richardson playing well for the Browns and if Richardson has flown under the radar this season: 

“He definitely is. I would not say it is under the radar because he is definitely on my radar, and I appreciate it. He is definitely doing a great job this year.”

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