LB B.J. Goodson (12.23.20)

LB B.J. Goodson:

On S Ronnie Harrison Jr. returning to practice and the lift Harrison could give the team if available on Sunday: 

“We are happy to have Ronnie back and excited for him. He has just been grinding it out trying to get back out there with us. We appreciate that as his teammates.”

On what Harrison brought to the Browns defense prior to the injury: 

“He was doing a great job. Very high production for us. He was helping us as a team and as a defense. He was a huge plus for us. He did a great job for us.”

On NY Jets QB Sam Darnold and expectations from Darnold this week: 

“Week in and week out, you know these guys are kind of who they are so you just go in and try to identify what they are, their mechanics, what they like to do, what looks they like and things of that nature. Expecting those guys to put their best foot forward as far as Sunday goes.”

On what Darnold does well: 

“His reads and the way that they set things up for him as far as the looks go as far as high-lowing backers and as far as getting the over routes and the things underneath just to kind of mess with your eyes a little bit.”

On if he talked to LB Mack Wilson after being inactive last week: 

“Yes, I have been talking to him and making sure he stays positive.”

On if Wilson has been appreciative of his messages: 

“I have kind of been in a situation similar. Just telling him and teaching him and learning from what I have gone through in my past was something that I think that he definitely picked up, and he took the information the right way.”

On how much better the Browns secondary can if Harrison and CB Denzel Ward play this week: 

“They are both great players, but I have confidence in anybody that we throw out there. We have been in the fire with pretty much all of our guys both in and out of during camp. We just try to keep that next man up mentality. Whoever is out there with us, we expect the best from them.”

On how he and the team are handling the national media attention and potential playoff scenarios: 

“When it comes to the media, I have zero awareness of what is the word to be honest with you. Honestly as far as the media goes, these conversations that I have with you guys are probably like the most that I am aware of what is going on. I am really unaware of what is being said outside of the building seriously.”

On remaining focused knowing the Browns could potentially clinch a playoff spot this weekend, in addition to the holiday week:

“You just work. You work every single day. You try to get better at your craft. You try to get better at something. It does not matter what it is. If it is your extra work that you are doing, watching film or picking up on something, just finding something in a way to get better on this stretch is very, very important. You just have to keep getting better. You can’t be content with anything.”

On if there is anything that he wishes would remain next year related to COVID-19 protocols:

“I did like just being able to be at home during camp, especially if you have a home in a city of whatever city that you are playing in. I can understand for guys that it may not be set in stone for to be at hotels or whatever the case may be, but for certain guys to be able to go home, watch film in your own space and come back out because staying at a hotel really does not make a difference for a guy who is responsible. That is one thing that I thought about throughout this entire process that I actually liked.”

On QB Baker Mayfield as a leader:

“I love his fight. I always knew he had a little bit of a spark to him, but I love his drive and I love his fight and his will to compete. I love it.”

On how Mayfield has managed recent success and being the same person through the highs and the lows:

“He comes to work. Like you said, he is the same every single day. He has not let the highs get too high, and he has not let the lows get too low so I think that is why we have seen him be able to be successful.”

On how LB Jacob Phillips handled the starting role against the NY Giants on Sunday Night Football and where Phillips can make the most improvement in the upcoming weeks:

“It is not my job to speak on another player like that in that sense so I would say you have to check in with one of the coaches about how they feel about that, but I think he has done a great job.”

On if he has seen Phillips develop throughout the season, despite facing injuries:

“Yeah, he has definitely grown and is doing a great job.”

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