LB B.J. Goodson (12.16.20)

LB B.J. Goodson:

On how tough the turnaround is to get his body right for Sunday after playing a tough game on Monday Night Football:

“To be honest, it is almost like a blessing in disguise to be able to have the opportunity to get that taste out of your mouth as a quicker turnaround. It is almost a blessing in disguise versus looking as it as ‘Aw man, we just played.’ It is like ‘OK’.”

On if he saw Ravens RB J.K. Dobbins tweet about S Andrew Sendejo sustaining a concussion:

“No, sir. I am actually not even active on Twitter to be honest so no, I did not see it nor do I know what he posted.”

On the NY Giants offense, despite the team’s current record:

“They fight. They fight. They are fighting to make the playoffs. They are a fighting bunch. Obviously from being there, I understand that and know a lot of that offensive personnel as far as who they are, but they are fighting for something, too.”

On his emotions going back to MetLife Stadium to play the NY Giants:

“Cold head, hot heart. That is not really my motive. My motive is to just make sure my guys’ mind is right going into this event and just giving us the best chance to come out with the victory.”

On NY Giants QBs Daniel Jones and Colt McCoy and preparing for both QBs:
“As far as their offense, they are able to do just a pinch more with Daniel, but they are who they are as far as what they do. That is what we are looking forward to.”

On how different the NY Giants offense is when Jones does not have the same ability to run like he did prior to the hamstring injury:

“If he is hurt or whatever the case may be, they obviously are not going to take the risk at running him like that if he does play or f they do, it will be more so situational. We will take into consideration.”

On what the Browns defense could have done better on the last drive of the Baltimore game to prevent the game-winning FG:

“There are things that you can point out, but to be honest as far as me, do you want me to tell you what is beautiful? I am just going to take a second just to say what is beautiful. I do not mean to harp in on your time. I do not know how much time you guys have or what not or what the case may be. Do you want to know what is beautiful? Kobe Bryant is my favorite basketball player of all time. They have those Christmas games, and I would want them to win. Sometimes they would not win those Christmas games, and at the end of those games, I would see Kobe on the bench. Instead of moping, he would be over there teaching. Whenever they took him out, he would be over there teaching, and it was always about the next. Therefore, I think in his mind he never lost; it was always a learning opportunity. I just take that in my process and the way that I process things. I am not one to go backwards much. Just correct it and move on. That is kind of how I operate.”

On if can put his finger on the problem with the Browns defense’s fourth down conversion percentage:

“Kind of like I just spoke on, you see it is all about situational ball. We go back and we look at what we could have done or what could be done or if there was a mistake, and we correct it and we move on. That is what the great teams do. You can’t harp on it. You look at the bright side of things and look at where we are. We are in a great position, and now is not a time to get down about what just happened. There is so much opportunity out there for us.”

On if he has to guard against getting too fired up for Sunday night’s game, given the playoff implications:

“At this time of the season, everyone is fighting. Every game or every next game is the biggest game, only because it is the next game. That is kind of how we look at it. We are just trying to go 1-0 this week.”

On what defensive coordinator Joe Woods was like in the building after Monday night’s game:

“I love Joe. Do you want to know why? He keeps a cool head. No matter what we may be going through out there, he keeps a cool head, and a lot of the times, it trickles down. It trickles down, and it helps me keep the guys out there composed versus dealing with adversity.”

On if Woods is different than any other coordinator he has played with in the past, given some defensive coordinators may be more fiery or louder:

“I really can’t speak on, compare or whatever the case may be. I have had great relationships with all of the coordinators that I have had, but I am definitely enjoying the process with him, that is for sure.”

On what has he seen from QB Baker Mayfield in terms of swagger and the impact it has on the defense:

“It is poetry in motion. It is just that simple. It is beautiful. It is beautiful to watch. Poetry in motion.”

On if Mayfield’s intensity and passion gets the Browns defense fired up to match it:

“It does. It does. I tell the guys all if the time that we have to feed off of each other. That is what this game is about, feeding off each other and stacking the positives.”

On if Mayfield’s past performances remind him of when Packers QB Aaron Rodgers would get in a zone:

“To be honest, I do not compare in that sense. I do not compare, but I definitely love what he is doing. I am definitely loving what he is doing. I definitely enjoy it.”

On how tough is was to see Sendejo’s play when sustaining the concussion:

“You never want to see your brother go down like that. Just talking to him afterwards, checking on him and making sure he is OK. We play a physical game. The way that Andrew plays ball is a very [physical]. He plays ball in a very, very physical way. You just hate to see that. It is kind of hard to kind of speak on it in a sense, just because of it is what we do. We know what is at risk. We play a dangerous sport. Just praying for him, keeping in contact with him and making sure that his mind is in the right is important to me.”

On if Sendejo is the type of player who flies into tackles with a disregard for his body:

“Yeah, he is the Allen Iverson. He is going to throw his body in there and we will think about it later. I love that about him.”

On if he told his teammates about his Kobe Bryant observations after the loss on Monday:

“I did not necessarily say that, but my message to the guys was definitely along the lines of that as far as moving forward, learning from that and not letting that linger and not letting that taste linger”

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