LB B.J. Goodson (10.8.20)

LB B.J. Goodson:

On Colts QB Philip Rivers’ career success and what he has seen from Rivers this season:

“Philip is a smart guy, and it shows in his tape. His ability to get the ball out of his hands and not to get hit is remarkable. We have to come up with things to get him off the field and take advantage.”


On the Colts OL:

“They are definitely a good line. Looking forward to going against those guys. Definitely going to be a challenge and a challenge that we are looking forward to.”


On the Colts run offense:

“They do not get enough credit to be honest. They have a solid run game. They have quite a few backs that they rotate in. They definitely do not get the credit that they do just from me watching tape and watching the tape on them.”


On DE Myles Garrett’s impressive start to the season:

“He has been big time for us making great plays in big moments. There is not much more that you can ask from a guy.”


On DT Sheldon Richardson:

“That is my guy. That is my guy. Running hard to the ball, getting out of his stance and fighting his tail off. That is my guy. If there is anybody I want to go to war with, Sheldon is my guy. I definitely appreciate my guys up front, all of them.”


On if he knew Richardson before coming to Cleveland:

“No, sir.”


On if he was impressed by how Richardson carries himself and if he bonded with Richardson:

“Yeah, I would say that with all of the guys.”


On if Richardson is a fun person to play with:

“Yeah, he is. He has his own personality and is a great guy to be around.”


On what has been working well to allow the Browns defense to get so many takeaways, including communication and instincts:

“A little bit of all of it. Things complement each other, whether it is the coverage and the rush or vice versa. Just things complement each other.”


On LB Mack Wilson since returning from injury and if Wilson is still shaking off some rust after missing time:

“You would have to talk with him about how he feels, but he has been preparing and moving around great. He looks great at practice and on game tape. It is great to be out there with him on the field.”


On how the Browns are handling the 3-1 start:

“Great. Everybody has their head down and is working. Nobody is content with where we are. We understand the history here, but as long as there is time, there is opportunity. We are looking forward to being prepared for the opportunity that is ahead.”

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