LB B.J. Goodson (10.28.20)

LB B.J. Goodson:

On if there is a specific area the Browns defense is focusing on improving this week: 

“I would not say necessarily a specific focus. We are on to the next game. Last week was last week. We definitely have the things that we need to clean up and that we have gone over. We definitely had to do those things to touch up on those things.”

On what gives him confidence that the Browns defense will be able to clean things up moving forward: 

“We are able to actually face whatever it is that we dealt with, not turning the other cheek towards whatever the problem was. That is the first step in handling a problem and getting towards the solution.”

On if there is a common thread to the Browns defense giving up 30 or more points in five games this season: 

“Definitely have to tighten up and get better. Like I said, just get better and make the corrections. Definitely have to tighten up.”


On DE Myles Garrett seeming to generate most of the pass rush and how other players on defense can help: 

“Guys have to win their one-on-ones when the time comes. That is about it. I can see you saying that and it may seem that way because he is spectacular at what he does, but definitely when we get the opportunity, we have to win our one-on-ones.”

On if he feels like the Browns defense is putting too much pressure on Garrett to get to the QB: 

“No, I do not think so.”


On Raiders QB Derek Carr having only two interceptions this season and if there are still have opportunities for the Browns defense to create interceptions: 

“Yeah, as long as the ball is in the field of play, there is opportunity. No one is perfect. Believe me. It takes one game, and I definitely feel like our defense can get takeaways.”

On challenges facing Raiders TE Darren Waller: 

“He is more of a receiver body than an actual tight end. As far as in the passing game, you have to make the correct adjustment when dealing with someone like that. That is about it. Just have to understand who you are dealing with. It is all about personnel and knowing your matchups.”


On what CB Denzel Ward has brought to the Browns defense: 

“Denzel is a great teammate first and foremost. His play has been outstanding. Whenever he has been targeted, he always steps up. His play speaks for itself. I do not really have to rant on and on about Denzel. His play speaks for itself. He is also a great teammate.”

On if he gave Ward a gift for the deflection that led to his interception in the end zone: 

“I ought to because it was definitely an assist. Yeah, we definitely laughed about it. I appreciate it.”


On Ward sliding under the blocker on a tackle for loss on the screen play last week: 

“That was some 007 – I do not know what to call that, but it was beautiful. It was beautiful. I will say that.”

On if the Browns LB corps has determined their strengths: 

“I think we have a great feel of each other’s strengths and what we all need to work on. We just are all trying to get better each and every day. I feel like the guys are getting better, including myself, and just keep pushing forward.”


On what he has improved on most this season: 

“To be honest, I work on every single thing. I feel like I have gotten better at each and everything to be honest with you. I have heard numerous rumors of things that people think I need to work on. I feel like I have tightened up on those things but not because they said it but because I wanted to be great at it.”

On being surprised that he listens to the rumors of what other people outside of the building believe he needs to improve: 

“I do not.”


On S Ronnie Harrison Jr.: 

“Ronnie is a hard-nosed guy. Comes in and if we need to talk about an adjustment or whatever, he is with it. He is a real player, I will say that. He is a real player and a ballsy guy to say the least. It is just great having a guy out there with great instincts and able to make plays, as well.”

On if Harrison has a knack for getting his hands on the ball: 

“Yeah, I would say so. In the time that I have been with him and played with him and just as far as what I have seen and what he has done, I would say that.”

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