LB B.J. Goodson (10.18.20)

LB B.J. Goodson:

On the frustration following the tough loss:

“Everything is about how you respond to things. What happened, happened. We will get better. We will learn from it. We will come back, and they have to see us again.”

On if the team has a big gap between the Ravens and Steelers after getting beat by a wide margin by both:

“Here we are only worried about us. Obviously, we are in the same division so everything matters, but as far as just getting better and bettering ourselves every day, we just have to get back to the drawing board, look in the mirror as ourselves as players and as far as everybody and just come back and just be better next week. We can’t get hung up on today because the great teams don’t do that. We have to get back to work and get better.”

On if there was a lot more trash talking or physical play during today’s rivalry game:

“Just another ball game. A hard fought game. Another ball game.”

On if he could sense that DE Myles Garrett was getting frustrated as the Steelers typically ran plays away from his direction:

“When I am out there, my job is to direct 10 guys so being able to pay attention to a detail like that at the time, no.”

On how comfortable the Browns defense was with this week’s gameplan:

“We were very confident in the gameplan coming into today. We just have to execute better and do a better job on our end.”

On why was the Steelers running game was able to have success today:

“We have to get back to the drawing board, watch the tape and go over it. Certain things were obvious. We obviously saw certain things on the sideline, but we just have to get back to the drawing board, get better, learn from it and get better.”

On how disappointing was it to not have success against the run after doing well in previous weeks:

“It is not just a game, but it is a game, and it was a hard fought game. We did not come out with the victory today, but it is a long season. Like I said, we get a chance to play these guys again, and I am looking forward to it.”

On how confident he is that the Browns know how to respond the right way following the loss:

“Very confident. Look at what we did bouncing back from the Baltimore game. I have all the confidence in the world in all of the guys. I am ready to get back to work.”

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