LB Anthony Walker Jr. (9.7.22)


On Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey and McCaffrey’s expected role in this game after not playing during the preseason:

“They kind of hid him on tape a little bit, but we know he is a very important piece of that offense. Everything kind of goes through him. He is a great player. We have to be ready. All 11 guys to the ball, and we have to be ready for everything that they try to throw at us with him.”


On if there is any indication that the Panthers are using McCaffrey more as a WR than the past:

“We are not in their meetings or anything like that. All we can do is play what they give us and just execute what we do, and I think we will be fine.”


On how tough it is to prepare for a team in Week 1 with little to no preseason film:

“Obviously, you lean on what the coaches present to us and then we lean on our fundamentals and our execution. No matter what they throw at us, we feel like if we execute what we are supposed to do and our jobs and everybody does there 1/11th, we will be fine.”


On expectations from Panthers QB Baker Mayfield on Sunday:

“Baker is going to be Baker. He is a competitor at the end of the day, and he wants to be great. He is going to compete. It is going to be a great game. It is going to be fun.”


On the first thing he will say to Mayfield:

“What’s up, my guy (laughter)?”


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