LB Anthony Walker Jr. (9.14.22)

On reaction to the defense’s strong performance outside of a few big plays on Sunday:

“It is not good enough. We talk about being an elite defense, and part of that is not giving the offense anything and making them earn everything. We felt like we gave them a couple of plays that they did not earn and that we kind of gifted them. It is not OK. We have a long way to go.”


On if the Browns defense is pleased with how they handled Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey:

“For the most part. We let a couple plays get out – the screen pass and the one when the ball just kind of bobbled around in the backfield and he picks it up and gets 20-30 yards. For the most part, we were able to do a good job on him. Again, we want to suffocate a team and put any energy that they have away. We gave them life, and that is why they were able to be in the game so long.”


On challenges facing NY Jets QB Joe Flacco:

“Obviously that experience. They run a good system over there. A lot of shifts and motions, similar to what our offense does. We kind of have to be on our P’s and Q’s. This is like a rules game for us where we just have to execute what we do, which is – I can say that every week – a little bit more this week with the things that they do. Like you said, that experience that he has is very crucial for them.”


On his reference to it being ‘a rules game’:

“Just alignment and assignment. A lot of alignments this week. A lot of jet motions and a lot of drive motions or whatever it is that they do. A lot of shifts and everything like that that they do with the tight ends. Just getting into the right alignment after the play. They will put you in one formation and shift you to another. We just have to be able to move to the right gaps and stuff like that.”


On playing an emotional game Sunday, preparing for the NY Jets this week and then playing the Steelers on Thursday Night Football and if the main focus is on the NY Jets:

“Yeah, that is our focus right now – just the Jets this week. We can only play one game at a time, and right now, it is the Jets. I do not know who we play the week after and I do not know who we played before.”


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