LB Anthony Walker Jr. (6.15.22)

On if he has ever been to the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

“No. This is exciting. Actually, I hit up (Director of Player Engagement) Ron Brewer earlier this year, and I was like, ‘Hey, do you know somebody at the Hall of Fame? I want to go visit.” He was like, ‘Just wait. We are going to go as a team.’ I was like, ‘Alright, cool.’ I was excited. I am very excited.


On if there is anything he is looking forward to looking at most in the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

“Just the history. Understanding the players who come before you and the legends that have played this game, it is always a blessing. I have always prided myself on holding up that legacy of the hard work, everything that those players stood for and trying to become the best player that I can be in hopes get to that point one day. To see it finally and to experience it will be great for me.”


On hosting three veteran minicamp practices in three different locations providing a ‘breath of fresh air’ for the team:

“No doubt. Like you said, it is like a field trip. You fall asleep on the bus, you wake up and you are here. When you were a kid, you know when I was in school, we used to go to the aquarium, maybe Chuck E. Cheese or something like that just to get out of the classroom. Like you said, the consistent grind from Phase I all of the way until mandatory minicamp, that is what it is about, and that is bringing it together and then you get a chance to experience cool things like this.”


On if he slept on the bus or watched ‘A Football Life: Jim Brown’ and what he learned from the documentary:

“Oh no, I watched that part. I watched that. Hey, Coach Kevin I watched it – he told us to watch it – I watched it (laughter). That was dope. I thought I watched them all, but seeing that one, I think the biggest takeaway was he is a special person. You talk about the scene where his teammate got cut, and he was like, ‘Yeah, they cut me man.’ He was like, ‘No, wait one second. I will be right back,’ and then he was on the team again. Who has that power in today’s football? That tells you the type of person he was, the type of player he was and what he stood for.”


On if a further emphasis on team building was important after last season:

“No doubt. I will be completely honest, when I was in Indy, I thought that we established that culture there, and when I came here, it was a little different. I am starting to feel what I felt in Indy when I was there. Just the brotherhood that we had, all of the guys coming together and the team camaraderie. Last year, it was a little standoff-ish. Again, this is professional football so I get it, but to be a great team, you have got to have that camaraderie and you have got to have that team mindset because when you go through the dark days, sometimes you may lose or the dawg days of camp, the dog days of this grind and minicamp and everything like that, you need that team brotherhood, that team bond to keep bringing you together and I am glad that we are building that.”


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