LB Anthony Walker Jr. (11.10.21)


On if it causes additional concern with the team in enhanced COVID-19 protocols and when vaccinated teammates have tested positive:

“It always puts things back into perspective of the weird times that we are in, going back to Zoom football a little bit from last year. COVID is still a thing, and we have to respect that as such. Hopefully, those guys feel better and we are able to get them back. Right now, this is the hand that we are dealt.”


On the Browns’ gameplan seeming more aggressive last Sunday and if it was the first game where it seemed the entire defense was clicking on the right cylinders:

“I think it was just great execution. A great game plan from (defensive coordinator) Coach (Joe) Woods, and the guys just executing. No matter what the call was, I think we executed the best we have all year. Whether that was zone, man, pressure or whatever it was, rush and coverage were working together and being able to stop the run for the most part in that game. We have played solid defense, but to take that next step, it all has to come together. What a perfect time for it to come together. We are looking to build on that and keep moving forward.”


On Patriots QB Mac Jones’ early success:

“You can tell they put a lot on his plate as the quarterback in that offensive scheme, and he is handling it like a professional. Getting them into the right calls and the right protections, everything kind of falls on him. He is doing a great job of getting them in the right play and the right protection for picking up pressure or whatever it is. Being smart with the ball, I feel like if it is not there, he is not forcing anything or too many throws, getting the ball down and checking the ball down. They are using the run game really well, as well. He is playing like a true professional.”


On why it is so challenging to play in Foxboro:

“The tradition that comes along with it. Like you said, you talked about the coaching staff, the players and the tradition that they have there and the championship culture that they have built. That is what you go into. A lot of people say the ‘Patriot way’ where you do not lose games – they do not lose the game; they find a way to make you make the first mistake and then they capitalize. We have to go in there, and we have to play smart ball. That is everything. [No] Penalties, turnovers and we have to protect the ball and we have to take the ball away. Be sound in all of our defense, all of our offense and all of our special teams. Everything has to be sound. That is what this game comes down to this week.”


On how the Browns can sustain the defensive success from last week, which was sparked by CB Denzel Ward’s 99-yard interception-return TD:

“That was a perfect start for us. It definitely got the fire lit. (S) John Johnson (III) with two huge turnovers. (DE) Myles (Garrett) playing with his hair on fire, as always. The D line getting after it. The DBs and (CB) Greg Newsome (II) obviously playing the way he played. I think it is just building confidence and continuing to do the same thing. Just stay locked in on our assignment and locked in on our keys, and everybody executing and being on the same page, and I think we will be where we want to be if we keep playing this way.”


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