LB Anthony Walker Jr. (10.13.21)

On how he felt physically on Monday morning:

“Physically, I was happy to make it through the game healthy and injury free. I did not wake up with any soreness or anything so that was good.”


On how the Browns defense can fix miscommunication:

“It starts with me. As the MIKE linebacker, I have to make sure everybody knows their job, is doing their job and get a call in correctly. It starts with the linebackers. Me being the MIKE, it starts with me.”


On the Cardinals:

“A great opponent. A great opportunity for us to go out and get a win. They present a lot of challenges – a great quarterback, a great offensive scheme, good receivers and great backs. We have to be ready to defend the entire football field and be ready to tackle well in space. We just have to execute our gameplan.”


On DT Malik McDowell and if it is rare to see a player plow right through an opposing G:

“Yeah, he is a freak of nature. I saw it while we were in college so I just messed with him about it. He has been a dominant player ever since I can remember playing against him in the Big 10. I am just happy to see him back doing what I know he is capable of doing.”


On McDowell’s performance last week and if that is the player he knows McDowell can be:

“Oh yeah, for sure. He is definitely – as he just put it – getting in his rhythm and getting in his groove now. A great story. I am proud of him and all he has overcome. He talked about it, betting on himself and did not worry about anything else, just putting the work in and putting the time in. Now, his hard work is showing and it is paying off on Sundays.”


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