LB Anthony Walker (8.2.21)

On how the Browns defense is coming together during training camp, particularly with the new additions to the unit:

“It is good on paper. We have been talking about that. A lot of good names. A lot of talent all across the board. We have to go out her and put the work in. That is what we are trying to do every day right now. Like I said, it looks good on paper, but this is a time where you come together, you put the work in and then on Sundays, you let the work show.”

On external speculation that it will take time for the Browns defense to gel as a unit, given the new additions:

“We have to get the call, and we have to execute the call. I do not think it takes much time to do that. We have to get it done. We do not have time. We have a game coming up on September 12. We have to get that done now. That is what we are doing. Training camp is for that – to come together and get used to playing with each other. Just keep executing. That is the main thing. The practice field is where you make mistakes – we will be crisp on Sunday.”

On if pads need to come on during practice to truly see the state of the Browns defense:

“The pads obviously, that is the game of football. Right now, it is pretty much seven on seven. The pads, at the end of the day, you have to set the edge. Linebackers have to run to the ball. We all have to attack the ball and get the ball out. DBs stay on top. At the end of the day, it is football. The pads just bring a little bit more umph to it.”

On if he is fully comfortable calling plays for the Browns defense in his first year with the team, given Colts LB Darius Leonard did so with the Colts:

“Yes, me and Darius always joke around and say it doesn’t matter who wears the green dot; it is just the person who is giving the call in the huddle. It is up to the whole group of linebackers or DBs to get the communication across the board. Obviously, I pride myself on being a key communicator on the defense and getting everybody lined up and set the right way so I may be a little bit louder than most. It was the same thing when I was in Indy. Darius would give the call and then we would both be making calls on the field. At the end of the day, we want the green-dot person to get the communication in on what the call is and then we all go out there and make the communication.”

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