LA Chargers QB Justin Herbert (10.9.22)


On Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley’s decision to go for it in the fourth down late in the game:

“I think it says a lot that he believes in us. Just like I believe in our offensive line, our receivers, and our running backs. I knew that we would go out there and convert. It did not go our way unfortunately, but we were riding with that play. The defense came with that big stop when we were down.”


On what he thought about the ground game today:

“I thought it was awesome. We believe in those guys so highly over the past couple of years and to see them break out of a run like that, especially the way that they blocked. It is great to see.”


On RB Austin Ekeler’s career high in rushing:

“He is a pretty special player. We’ve known that, and anytime we get the ball, something special is going to happen. We saw that happen today. He is one of the hardest workers on the team, he is a great leader.”


On the performance of K Taylor Bertolet and dealing with the wind on the field:

“It got a little windy at times and it is not easy. That job is definitely one of the tougher in the league. For him (K Taylor Bertolet) to step up, we had complete confidence in him. He came into practice on Thursday, was perfect on the field goals, and the entire team was rallying behind him. To see that, that was huge for him.”


On the impact of WR Mike Williams:

“He is a competitor and the game changes when he is out there. Third down, you have to be alert for him. We think so highly of him in man coverage, finding the sweet spots in the zones because he is a smart player. He is super athletic and has done a great job stepping up and being a leader the past couple of weeks. It has been awesome to see.”


On what it is like to know that Williams is going to catch the ball:

“It makes my job a lot easier. Just knowing that he is out there and anytime it is one on one, we think really highly of Mike Williams. He has gone up there and competed time after time.”


On if it amazes him when Williams catches an unexpected ball, ‘there’s no way he is going to catch that:’

“There are definitely times where the pass rush is coming and I get the ball off early-on. He may not or may not see it early-on, but just for him to be able to track it and see up in the air, especially when we got a callback with that touchdown, he made a great play on that one as well. That is not an easy catch by any means, but he is able to do it.”


On the Chargers defensive stop that kept the Cleveland Browns from getting close to their field goal range:

“I thought it was huge. The defense got some big time stops and forced the turnover down in the red zone, which was huge for us. While I would have liked to close the game out on offense, we believe one hundred percent in those guys.”


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