K Cade York (8.7.22)


On his leg strength and confidence attempting long FGs:

“Anything in my range is going out there and thinking the same way – just three points on the board. Whether it is a short field goal, long field goal or PAT, if they put me out there for it, I am going to have confidence in myself that I am going to put it through.”


On signing for Browns fans, who ‘love their kickers’ on the first open practice of training camp and a fan yelling, ‘that’s our kicker’:

“It was the first time I had ever been at practice and seen thousands of people out there. It is a little new thing. It is pretty cool to see that, but also, I can’t really get my motivation from that. Even though it is awesome – I love the fans – that could be gone just as quick if I had a bad day.”


On how many times he has kicked at FirstEnergy Stadium since joining the Browns:

“It was all during OTAs since now they are having concerts and stuff there, and now, we have team reps here. I got out there probably five, six or seven times – I just can’t remember exactly how much. I was there every week during OTAs.”


On how getting reps at FirstEnergy Stadium will benefit him during the regular season:

“It definitely gives me an early advantage of early on just getting my visuals and getting to learn the stadium, how the wind blows and stuff like that. It was a good head start.”


On the challenge executing when running a hurry-up FG due to time on the clock winding down:

“It really just depends on how much time there is. There are some situations where you are running out there and getting set, but really, it is just like a normal field goal and there are 20 seconds left. There are also times where you get out there and there are five or six seconds on the clock, and you just kind of have to rush through it. In my warmup, they call it ‘mayday field goal’ so I will do some ‘mayday field goal’ steps that kind of just get me in the groove of being able to do that whenever I am called on for it. I do not have really too much struggle with that just because honestly, you just don’t have time to think and you kind of just take over. It is not too bad, but there can be some tough situations that come up with that.”


On building a connection with the Browns specialists:

“It has been awesome. There are only four of us so we spend all day together – either we are sitting in meetings together, the hot tub, cold tub or locker room or out there on the field when we are getting ready so it has been great. They have been pretty cool to me. It is a little different having that much of an age difference between the oldest guy and the youngest guy, just having college guys around me [in the past]. It has been cool. We have been able to connect pretty well. It is going good.”


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