Jets Players (9.18.22)


NY Jets RB Michael Carter:

On how the first win of 2022 felt:

“God is great. God is so good. It feels great. We were talking about giving the Jets fans something to be proud of and happy about. We did that today.”


On if the Jets felt down and out:

“We never felt down. Even when we got down two touchdowns. It was a really good day. I am proud of everyone. We have to give a lot of love for moving the ball down the field. We could not have done it without the guys up front. I want to give a lot love to our guys up front. (C) Connor McGovern, AVT (RG Alijah Vera-Tucker), (LG) Laken (Tomlinson), (RT) Max (Mitchell), (LT) George (Fant). They fought their asses off over there.”


On how the Jets build off today’s win:

“We are a confident group already. It is just a matter of showing ourselves that we can put a win together. No matter what, we did not quit. We did not quit last week. We know that we are a confident group. We were moving the ball last week, but could not score. Today, we decided to finish on both sides. We played complimentary football. If the defense gave up a touchdown, we said, ‘We got your back.” If the offense went three-and-out, the defense had our back. We forget about special teams, they do not get any love. They are so important. A lot of love to (Special Teams Coordinator) coach (Brant) Boyer. Shout out to (P) Braden Mann. Big Z (K Greg Zuerlein) bounced back.”


NY Jets S Ashtyn Davis:

On what it was like putting the exclamation point on the NY Jets’ win:

“It felt good. These guys out there did their job for four quarters. I just came in for one play and tried to do my job.”


On if they had worked on that defensive play before:

“No, we actually had not really worked on that one. That is my first time playing that position that I was in. I was ready for it I guess.”


On what the win says about the team:

“No quit in us. We are going to keep fighting regardless of the circumstances. Yeah, I love this team.”


On the message from NY Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh being down 13 on the road in the fourth quarter:

“Just do not quit. Be resilient. Put our style on tape. Fortunately, we came out with the win. There was no doubt in my mind.”


On all three phases of the team contributing to the win:

“Offense did their thing today, defense did their thing and special teams, we all did our thing when we needed to and stepped up when we needed to. I think the craziest part is we still have not really played complementary football yet. I think it is going to be real scary when we put that together.”


On what statement they made with the win, given the NY Jets’ lack of previous success in September:

“Regardless of what month it is, we are just trying to win every week. Go 1-0 every week.”


NY Jets WR Corey Davis:

On what kind of move he made on the TD and what the defense did:

“It was a double move. I’m not sure, I think they busted and we scored and won.”


On the feeling when he scored and the stadium was extremely quiet:

“It was a great feeling. It was a great feeling, especially being here. Cleveland has a great fan base.”


On how NY Jets WR Garett Wilson played:

“Garett is a dog. He’s a great wideout, a real great dude, prepares really well each and every week. Today he came out and showed what he can do. I think he can do a lot more.”


On the respect level for NY Jets QB Joe Flacco and what he is doing at age 37:

“A lot of respect for Joe. To come out here and do what he does, I don’t think 37 is that old but for football it is up there. For the shots he takes, but he is a great quarterback and a great leader. We are happy to have him.”


On if he has been part of a crazy game like this before:

“No, this was a crazy game. Probably one of the craziest endings I have ever been a part of and probably one of the greatest feelings, too.”


NY Jets RB Breece Hall:

On the vibe of the Jets sideline, being down 13, less than two minutes to go:

“Just keep going. The game is not over until the clock hits zero, so we just kept going”


On how it felt getting to the endzone:

“It was a blessing for sure. Coach Embry (Jets RB Coach) always says that sometimes the defense will leave you open, and you won’t believe that you are that wide open. So, I got out there and I was open.


On the Jets having a lot of young talent and how they will build off this win as a team:

“Like Coach Saleh says, “Just give that 60%”. I feel like he is definitely going to humble us in the meeting tomorrow and I feel like he is going to tell us that we left a lot out there. We’re going to definitely enjoy this tonight.”


NY Jets DL Carl Lawson:

On what the defense’s mentality was after NY Jets WR Corey Davis had the TD and got within six points:

“We fell back on our training. We have been consistent, we grind each day so that’s all we did. We just fought and didn’t make the moment too big.”


On how long the NY Jets can celebrate this victory:

“I really don’t know. I will celebrate a little today and I will go back tonight and get ready for the next game. Just keep working and trust me we really do appreciate the win and celebrate all the glory to god.”


On if they have looked to their next opponent yet and how important was this win was for next week:

“I hadn’t looked ahead but now I know we take on the Bengals next week. No different. We will have to look at the film, prepare and fix our mistakes from today.”


NY Jets P Braden Mann:

On how frequently he practices his onside kicks throughout the week:

“We will work on a bunch of different punts, just in case a certain situation calls for it. So, we’ll hit on it at least every Wednesday or Friday.”


On the difference between his performance this week vs last week:

“It feels good, but I give all the credit to our gunners. (Jets LS) Thomas Hennessy did a great job snapping and covering all day. Our interior kept us feeling nice and safe. They all did a really good job today, all the credit goes to them.


On how he is currently feeling about the win right now:

“It’s awesome. That was the coolest game that I have ever been a part of. I mean I have been a part of some crazy games but that was the coolest.”


NY Jets DL Quinnen Williams:

On how the Jets executed today:

“We did not execute the way we wanted to execute on defense. We did not play a perfect game on defense. We have to learn with the different things that we did. We have a team. Special teams balled out. Offense balled out. Offensive line definitely balled out. When you have a group of guys that we have, with tremendous fight and love for each other, these are the types of games that we have. To come together, especially on defense to win football games.”


On what he was thinking when RB Nick Chubb scored to make it a two-score game:

“Fight. That is our theme that we think about every week. We just have to keep fighting, keep learning – especially in the middle of the game.  To see what we have to do right, to see what we are doing wrong, to see where we can make big plays to flip and change the game. That is the biggest thing. Just get to the sideline and get everybody together, especially on defense. We had a lot of moments today where we had to look each other in the face and say, ‘Yo, we need each other. We need you. We need a big play. We need to make the tackle.’ We need to be in the right alignment and doing things we need to do to stop these good running backs (Browns RB) Nick Chubb and (Browns RB) Kareem (Hunt), and this good offensive line.”


On what it means to have a win like this:

“Tremendous. It is one of the first times I have ever won in the first four weeks of my NFL career. To see the team that we have and to see the guys that we have, especially in this organization. Especially on this team. To see (QB) Joe (Flacco). To see these guys step up. To see the defense step up and look at each other and say, ‘Look, we are not going down without a fight.’ We are going to keep doing our scheme. Keep doing what we have to do to make plays and make big plays.”


NY Jets WR Garrett Wilson:

On the last touchdown:

“It is just executing the same plays we would hit on earlier in the game. We got the same end of the field, and they ended up giving us the same look right there. Just taking advantage, if they give something up on the field, you have to take advantage. Especially that time of the game.”


On coming down on his back and if it was an issue to get back in the game:

“No. Never that. It is always how fast I can get back in the game. It is never, ‘I’m out.”


On the moment he realized that the comeback was possible:

“As soon as Chubb scored. Coach said, ‘they just gave us our only chance.’ We go down 30-17 and then (Jets WR Corey Davis) CD has a quick touchdown. At that point, we are all believing. Now we are going to get this onside kick. As soon as they scored, we were like ‘Oh, that is kind of quick, we still have shot at this.”


On this type of game at Cleveland and helping his team win:

‘Winning is number one. We come in here and this is a great environment, great team we just played against, great defense. On offense, we wanted to make a statement. We didn’t feel like we played well last week and we wanted to make a statement. To be out here and to be playing in front of a lot of people that I have played in front of for the last three or four years was definitely special to go along with it.”


On what was going through his head during the onside kick was recovered:

“I went crazy. I’m sure there will be a TV clip. I went absolutely crazy on the sideline. I didn’t want my drop to be the reason why we lost the game. Defense kept coming through, making plays, and that was huge.”


On the swing of emotions and if he has ever experienced anything like that during a game:

“I haven’t. I didn’t really think about that. I don’t want to say we thought we were going to lose, but when we looked at the score, we were down 13 with a 1:30 and your chances are not too hot. Luckily, they had some miscues. They messed up and we have to take advantage when they do.”


On if the coaches came to him during the week to get him more involved:

“No. I just wanted to take my mindset in practice and they know how I go about preparation. Throughout the week, it kind of just happened. You get a little bit more balls, you kind of start to realize. No, they never came up to me. They did not need to. I’m a team player, I want to win, and I trust my coaches to do whatever it takes to get to that point.”


On how it feels for QB Joe Flacco to have that much confidence in Wilson:

“I mean that is awesome. Someone like that, a vet who is always going to put it in the right spot. He played great today. It kind of  goes back to your preparation. You do it all throughout the week and you connect at practice. I try to make sure that every rep that I get with (Jets QB Joe) Flacco is put on a pedestal. That is just the reality of it and that is our QB right now and it is awesome. It is awesome to have that trust in Flacco.”


On the matchup with Browns CB Denzel Ward:

“You know I did not get matched up on him too often but that is a great player though. Someone I have watched since he has been at Ohio State. We got to exchange some words – nothing bad, all love. It is a really special experience for me and a lot of players on the (Browns) sideline were players that I have been watching since I was a young kid. So, it was a great experience out there.”


On why he thinks he was getting so wide open:

“Just great looks from my scout team throughout the week and great preparation by our coaches. Then just going about it the right way throughout the week. Making sure that I take advantage of those reps and try to make it as game-like as possible.”


On his impression of QB Joe Flacco and how he plays:

“I love Joe. The way he goes about his business is that he understands the way the NFL is and you can tell by looking at him. When everyone is trying to figure it out we can be a little bit frantic sometimes running around the facility, Joe is just kind of walking through there. It translates to the game too and it translates to how he goes about preparation. He is in control and he really wants to be on the same page as all of us, especially with these younger dudes.”


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