Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (9.30.22)


Opening statement:

“A great challenge ahead of us heading down to Atlanta playing a really good football team. We talked about it all week, I think they are exceptional really offense, defense and special teams, really well coached and coming off of a big victory. We are going to have to be about our business when you go on the road to face a good team. Looking forward to the challenge. Had a good practice out there, and we will get on the plane tomorrow.”


On an update on DE Myles Garrett’s status:

“The latest is he is here today and continuing to rehab. We are going to list him as questionable. Want to use the next 24 hours, 48 hours to see how he continue to responds to treatment and those type of things and then make an appropriate decision on him and on the rest of the guys.”


On if Garrett practiced today:



On what the Browns need to see from a medical standpoint in order for Garrett to play on Sunday:

“For each one of our players, you try to make the best decision for that particular player. With him and with JD (DE Jadeveon Clowney), want to make sure that we get all of the information before you make a decision.”


On if the approach with Garrett is different given the injury was sustained outside of the facility and not on the practice field:

“No, I don’t think that is different. It is really case by case what guys are dealing with. Some guys, time will really help and 24 hours will really help. Other guys you know won’t make it. (DT) Taven Bryan for instance is not going to make it – he is out. Just want to give time for the rest of the decisions.”


On if Garrett ever sustained a concussion from the car accident, understanding the statement earlier this week that Garrett cleared concussion protocol:



On if the approach with Garrett and how Garrett is feeling is any different, given the traumatic experience of the accident:

“Again, case-by-case basis with all of our players. Obviously, always have a dialogue with the players and with the medical staff and then make an appropriate decision.”


On evaluating Clowney’s availability for Sunday’s game:

“Really very similar. He is battling. He is getting rehab. He is close.”


On TE David Njoku’s status after not practicing yesterday:

“He practiced [today]. Just had a knee thing yesterday, but he practiced.”


On if the situation with Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa last night will impact how the Browns approach the decision on Garrett’s availability for Sunday:

“I don’t want to comment too much on that situation, which obviously I am glad that he is OK, Tua. Very scary. In this case, it is really just based on whether he is cleared medically, and we take all of those things very seriously.”


On how Browns DBs benefit from competing with WR Amari Cooper in practice:

“Really, training camp and the offseason when you are going Browns versus Browns and you are going good versus good, those guys get to have one-on-one drills versus each other. I think they get to work their craft and they get to talk about their craft together. When you get into the season, you are really trying to give a good look for Amari. How is Atlanta going to cover him? What are the things the type of things that they may do to try to take him away? Anytime you are going against a pro, it makes you better.”


On if DT Tommy Togiai will start in place of Bryan:

“Yes. Tommy has done a nice job really going back to last year. When he gets in there, he finds the ball. Plays hard. Strong football player.”


On if Garrett has shared with him a desire to play in this weeks’ game:

“I am not going to kind of talk about my conversations with him. As you can imagine, he is a competitor, and he is in here rehabbing. We will always make appropriate decisions.”


On if Garrett’s accident this week may warrant any disciplinary from the team:



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