Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (9.26.22)


On an update on DE Jadeveon Clowney’s status:

“No update. I think we will know more as the week goes on.”


On if it is possible Clowney could play on Sunday:



On injury updates on LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah and DT Taven Bryan:

“I have to get to Wednesday to see where everybody is.”


On if G Joel Bitonio was on the bike during practice due to the biceps injury that was listed on last week’s injury report:



On the Atlanta Falcons:

“It is a good team, well-coached and good players across the board. Having watched it this morning and diving into the scheme, I think it is really sound on all three sides of the ball. It is going to be a big challenge for us.”


On if LB Jacob Phillips is embracing the opportunity to fill the role of starting MIKE after LB Anthony Walker Jr. was placed on injured reserve:

“Without a doubt. Jacob is a very competitive young man. Played well in the last ball game. We are going to need him to continue to ascend, get better and those type of things. He is definitely somebody who is excited about the opportunity.”


On if there was a specific moment where the Browns saw QB Jacoby Brissett’s confidence level rise on Thursday night or earlier in the year:

“I do not think so. I really don’t. I think it is a lot of what we see on Sundays or Thursdays are the culmination of work. Pretty simple.”


On if there was a specific conversation or comments when talking with people about Brissett prior to the acquisition that stood out during the evaluation process:

“Not anything specific or a specific person. You call former teammates, former coaches and those type of things, and just get a feel for the person. When you are looking at any player, there is tape and you can watch the tape, but that does not tell the full story. You have to get to know the person, as well.”


On if there was a consistent theme in conversations with others about Brissett prior to the acquisition:

“Again, I think kind of all the things we have talked about: he is a pro, a good teammate. He has been through a lot. He has been in a bunch of different situations, like we talked about.”


On if the Browns were also drawn to Brissett’s demeanor before the acquisition, given Brissett appears to be ‘the same guy all of the time’:

“I think that is a good trait to have for a quarterback, a backup quarterback or a starting quarterback. I think that is good because you do go through so much in this league week to week, quarter to quarter and those type of things. I think it is a good trait.”


On T Jack Conklin’s performance on Thursday in the season debut and how much the practices leading up to the moment benefited Conklin:

“I thought he played well. It looked like the old Jack to me. He was playing very physical. He has looked good in practice. I mentioned to you guys, he is stronger than I think he has ever been. He worked so hard this whole offseason. Good to see him out there.”


On if there is an emphasis placed on shoring up special teams errors during this week of practice:

“We need to get better in a bunch of different areas on our football team. There are certainly things that we feel like we can clean up. That is part of what today was really. We had a couple of special teams periods out there working on some things. A lot of it always goes back to technique and fundamentals.”


On the team’s improved performance on third down on both sides of the ball this season and why the Browns have been successful in that area through three games:

“The guys are doing a nice job. You have to be careful on all statistics and a small sample size this early in the season. Offensively, it helps to be in shorter distances. I think that really has been a thing to look at, especially in this last game. Then it just comes down to I think the guys are operating really well. I don’t want to jinx it, but I don’t think we had any operational penalties on offense in that game. I think that is important and is even more important when you go on the road like we are this week. Then defensively, in those situations on third down, understanding where they are trying to go with the ball and having a counter to that. The guys have a good understanding right now on what we are trying to get done.”


On the Browns’ 11-play TD drive in the second half that featured only one pass play and if that is predetermined heading into the series or is done by feel and reaction to the possession:

“We have mentioned this before, you go into every game trying to run and throw it. You are trying to just any which way move the ball. When you get into a second-half situation when you feel like the run game is starting to get close to breaking a run here or there, you give the guys an opportunity to do that. Having said that, it opens up opportunities in the pass game. That is where you talk about that marriage in the run and the pass, it is they really serve each other. In the situation you are talking about, I think the guys were just really coming off of the ball. We talked a lot about the physicality of that game. We knew that was what it was going to be, and I think we saw that our guys were really up front and tight ends were coming off the ball.”


On how much fun was the 11-play offensive TD drive on Thursday:

“They are all fun. When you are scoring, if it ends in six plus one, they are all fun.”


On if there is concern about the depth at LB position and a need to add personnel to the group, given recent injuries sustained at the position:

“We are talking through all of those things. I think that is the nature of the NFL. As we all know, you get into certain weeks, and all of a sudden, you felt good about your depth and the next thing you know you are out two guys or whatever it may be. We will continue to look at those type of things, but the guys who are here are getting a ton of reps. I feel very comfortable with the group that we have.”


On WR Chester Rogers performance at PR last week:

“I thought he did a nice job in some tough conditions the other night in the wind. Overall, did a nice job. We will see where we go this week.”


On the decision for RB Demetric Felton Jr. to be inactive on Thursday:

“Wanted to give Chester an opportunity as the punt returner there. That was for that week. We will see if that is the direction we go this week. Demetric is a good football player. He is going to make a bunch of plays for us this season.”


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