Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (9.19.21)


Opening statement

“A good team win. I thought the crowd was outstanding and in their seats right at the kickoff so I hope they are back at the Muni Lot already but nice job. They helped affect the game. They did a nice job. It was not always clean, especially in that first half. I did not think it was really clean football, but we had guys step up and make plays really throughout the game. On the injury front, (WR) Jarvis (Landry) has an MCL injury. We will get images of that in the morning. (QB) Baker (Mayfield) has a left shoulder injury. He is sore, but he gutted it out. He did a nice job.”


On S Grant Delpit’s performance in his NFL debut and the sack-fumble:

“I thought that was great. It was good to see for him to get some reps and first time out there playing to make a big play when we needed it. I thought he did a nice job. We will have to grow that role as we go.”


On Mayfield making a tackle following an interception and if he is comfortable with Mayfiled making that play:

“The quarterback has to turn the ball back [inside]. That is the first rule: you have to turn the ball back inside. He can tackle. He can get the guy to the ground. It is unfortunate. Baker is an extremely competitive person as you all know. We do not want him to get hurt obviously, but then he was right back out there leading this team.”


On Mayfield’s performance following the shoulder injury and not having an incompletion after returning:

“He was really sharp. Versus this defense and the zone that they play, you have to be disciplined with your reads, and you have to be accurate with your throws. I thought he did a nice job.”


On RB Demetric Felton’s first game with offensive snaps, including a 33-yard TD reception:

“His role will grow. He is a rookie. He is doing a nice job for us as our returner and then we will find opportunities for him. I thought he obviously made an incredible individual effort on that play.”


On the Browns not playing clean football in the first half:

“We put the ball on the ground. We preach about this defense and how they were going to go ball searching, and we had a fumble on a nice drive where we were moving into the red zone so that is disappointing. Did the interception happen in the first half, as well? There you go. That is what I meant.”


On if Mayfield’s interception falls on him or WR Anthony Schwartz not finishing the route:

“I need to look at it. A young player, Schwartz has made some plays for us already. He is going to continue to make big plays for us, but we would love to see a receiver going there, and at worst, break up an interception and make an incomplete pass. That is a mistake that a young player makes and he will not make it again.”


On TT Jedrick Wills, Jr. starting and later being replaced by G Blake Hance:

“Jed did a great job gutting it out. He wanted to play. He worked out pregame. He got better as he worked out and felt like he wanted to go compete with his teammates. I think that is outstanding for the young man. He is still in his second year so to see him fight to get out there was great. As the game wore on, I think it was getting more sore and more stiff, if you will. We made the decision to go to Blake there at that time.”


On if the offensive play calling strategy changes after Mayfield returned from injury:

“I did not want him to get hit.”


On who called defensive plays and wore the on-field headset following the injury to LB Anthony Walker Jr.:

“I believe it was (LB) Malcolm (Smith).”


On Smith’s performance today in an expanded role:

“He had an interception. The old man did a nice job. He made plays and got that ball like we talked about. He is a very heady player. He is a great teammate.”


On the Texans converting multiple third downs following Texans QB Tyrod Taylor leaving the game:

“I would say there is a ton to clean up. Offense, defense and special teams, there is a ton to clean up. Certainly, we will look at those things and what we can do better. It is all something that early in the season we will look at all of it and make sure we improve. I should mention our special teams were outstanding today. We made all of our kicks. We had two tackles inside the 25, a huge takeaway on the punt play and (P) Jamie (Gillan) came through with a huge punt at the end.”


On if Mayfield’s shoulder injury is considered a sprain, a separation or other classification:

“I would just describe it as an injury.”


On if he was concerned Mayfield would not return to the game following the injury:

“I just wait to see what the trainer says. There is so much going on. If someone goes out, we just have to wait to see if they can go back in.”


On what it does for the offense when Mayfield guts it out to play when facing an injury:

“I think you guys know this about Baker, he is a very, very competitive young man. He wants to be out there with his teammates. It does not matter if he is sore, he will be out there. He is constantly coming back play in and play out going to fight with his teammates.”


On how tough it was to lose WR Jarvis Landry early in the game:

“Very tough. You do not ever want to lose Jarvis Landry from your football team. Hopefully, he is back real soon. He is another leader on this football team. I think he was on his way to having a good day. We will just see what the MRI looks like in the morning.”


On RB Nick Chubb’s performance and the luxury it is to have multiple talented RBs on the roster:

“I would say it is definitely a luxury having No. 24 and No. 27 (RB Kareem Hunt), but speaking of Nick, when he touches that rock, he can go. Not many teams have guys like that. He is just so physically strong that it is hard to get him on the ground and hard to tackle him. When he does get out in the open field, he has great speed for a back that size. It is pretty impressive.”


On his reaction to Taylor not returning to play in the second half:

“I was not entirely sure what that was, and then they told me hamstring. Never want to see anybody leave the field. There were a bunch of injuries today, and we never want to see that.”


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