Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (8.28.22)


Opening statement:

“Like we talked about last night, some good, some bad and things to clean up, and looking forward to that. We have a four-day block here before the guys go into that Labor Day weekend off days so we will make sure that every day counts. We will get guys back healthy and kind of really sharpen in on some things, make sure that we are fresh going into the weekend and then start our preparation in earnest on Carolina coming out of Labor Day. On the injury-update front, like I told you guys last night, (G Wyatt) Teller and (S Grant) Delpit held out precautionary. In a normal game, they would have gone back in. (DE Chris) Odom, unfortunately an ACL tear. He will miss the season. Then a bunch of guys that hopefully we are getting back here into practice the next few days, and they are all progressing well.”


On Browns offensive players missing time during training camp and the preseason due to injury, how the team can continue to prepare as a cohesive unit prior to the season opener and if the team feels like it is playing catch-up due to those injuries:

“Not really [playing catch-up]. You are right in that you have to make every one of these practices count as we move forward, guys return from injury and those type of things. Kind of like we talked about with evaluations, all of this is a body of work. It is all of the work that you have done in the spring and that you have started in training camp and these preseason games, I think they all add up to get you ready to play Week 1. Injuries are a part of this game. I would venture to guess all of the other 31 teams are dealing with similar things where guys are in and out of their lineup. You just have to navigate it.”


On if CB A.J. Green’s and S Ronnie Harrison Jr.’s injuries are significant and could force them to miss time:

“No, I expect those guys to be ready for Week 1.”


On evaluating roster positions for players who have missed time during training camp and the preseason due to injury, including WR Michael Woods II and DE Chase Winovich:

“I think it is part of it. That is something that really those type of things seem to happen year in and year out where you lose a guy and you have to really go off of what you saw prior to losing him and then go off of your evaluation from when you acquired said player. That is what we will continue to do with all of these positions.”


On T Jack Conklin’s status and if Conklin is ready to play a full game:

“I think what we have done with Jack is make sure that we are progressing at an appropriate pace. I think we have done that. We will work through the next four days of practice to see where he is and continue to give him more. He has done a very, very good job with everything that we have given him. He kind of has hit all of those mileposts, but past what we are going to do tomorrow, it does not really serve me to think about what he is going to do a week from now or six weeks from now. Really focused on the next four days.”


On if Conklin could potentially start the season on IR:

“I am not going to comment to roster specifics there and decisions like that, but very pleased with how he is progressing.”


On DE Chris Odom’s performance prior to the ACL injury sustained last night:

“He was doing a really nice job. Was a very, very good pass rusher. Had a knack for it. Did a nice job in practice. Had some good moments in these preseason games. Very, very disappointed for him. We talked about it last night, injuries are a very, very unfortunate part of this game that we play and coach, and we hate to see guys lose a year.”


On WR Anthony Schwartz having some struggles in recent weeks and if the main coaching points of emphasis with Schwartz are positive reinforcements and more reps:

“With each guy, I think you really work with each player on a case-by-case basis. Anthony had a tough stretch – I think everybody understands that – but we support our players. We support our players when they are going through a tough stretch and it can be anything, and it is easy to do with a guy like Anthony who is very, very accountable and he works very, very hard. That is what I will continue to do. That is what we will continue to do.”


On an undrafted player like S D’Anthony Bell flashing in training camp and preseason and pushing to earn a roster spot:

“It is great. I do not believe we have had an undrafted player make our roster the last couple of years, which means it is a very competitive roster. In this case, it is going to be no different this season. D’Anthony has done a nice job. He has flashed getting the ball out there last night, and he did that back at Jacksonville. It is a competitive battle to make one of these 53 spots.”


On WR David Bell appearing to always be in the right spot on the field and Bell’s football speed:

“David has done a nice job with us back to the spring and then throughout this training camp. Was out for a bit there with the foot injury, but he has done his job, gets open and catches the football – kind of simple. He has been a very accountable player for us, he works very hard in the meeting room, knows what to do and then it is just a matter of reps. If I am not mistaken, he missed the first preseason game, got him some reps in that Philly game and got him some more reps last night so it is all part of the process for a young player.”


On the Browns return game after WR Jakeem Grant Sr. was placed on IR and confidence in Browns players to serve in that role:

“It is a good question and kind of talked about it last night. I do feel confident in multiple guys on our roster to do those jobs. I think it is our job now to sort it out and figure out who we want to do it Week 1, who is going to be available to do it Week 1 and those type of things on the roster, but I do feel confident that we have multiple guys who are capable of both of those jobs.”


On WR Mike Harley Jr.’s performance during training camp and the preseason, including the possibility of Harley contributing in the return game:

“I think for all of the young players, it is definitely an example of the more you can do. If you can help cover punts, you can help as a returner or whatever it may be in the special teams, that always helps you as it becomes competitive to make this team.”


On how DE Isaiah Thomas has been able to handle playing with a cast on one hand:

“It is a challenge. I do not know how hard a challenge that is. It looks hard with having one hand, but he is a very tough football player, very aware around the ball and uses his hand or hands well. A guy who we have been impressed with throughout the time we have had him.”


# # #


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