Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (8.25.22)


Opening statement:

“Excited for Saturday night in front of our fans under the lights. I know the guys are ready to compete so we are ready for that. That was a good week of work for us here working a regular season schedule, giving them a gameplan and trying to challenge our guys with a gameplan. I thought it was a good week. Still have got some meetings to go, walkthroughs and those type of things. I would be remiss if I did not say congrats to Tom (Withers, Associated Press), Scott (Petrak, Brownszone.com) and Hayden (Grove, Cleveland.com) on their softball victory (laughter). Must have been a really competitive league (laughter). Congratulations.”


On the Browns’ plan for playing time on Saturday night:

“(QB) Jacoby (Brissett) is going to play. The starters are going to play. We will see for how long. We have a number in mind but play that one by ear, but Jacoby will play.


On if the starters, including Brissett, will play closer to one quarter or one half:

“Good question. We will see.”


On Bears Head Coach Matt Eberflus stating Chicago starters will play 25-30 snaps and whether the Browns’ plan is similar:

“I know what Coach Flus is doing. We are going to do our own thing.”


On if the Browns gameplan this week is created in collaboration with Bears coaches:

“No. We still have some agreements in terms of goal line, onside kicks and those type of things, yes.”


On if T Jack Conklin is ready to play this week:

“Jack is not going to play in this game, but he is really doing a nice job. He is progressing.”


On what the Browns are looking for on Saturday, including as it relates to how much the starters play:

“We want to see what we do in the drives that Jacoby is in there. If we feel like he needs more time or if we feel like he needs certain plays full speed in a game setting, we will do that. It is just a constant communication with the coaches to make sure we get what we need.”


On the balance of wanting the Browns starters and Brissett to get some reps in this week’s game with avoiding injury:

“It is a good question. I do not know that there is one correct way to do it. We are just going to do what we think is best. Felt like Jacoby should get some reps out there and get some snaps out there with the ones in a game setting. He is doing a really nice job getting a ton of reps out here, as well.”


On CB Greg Newsome II returning to practice today:

“Really good to see Greg out there. Going to bring him along appropriately, but he is progressing well.”


On if RBs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt will play Saturday:

“There are some guys who I will hold out. I will let you know before the game who those guys are.”


On his reaction after seeing a defensive player hit Brissett’s hand in practice:

“I was seeing red for a minute there. It is a rule [not to contact the quarterback]. Our guys have done an awesome job all camp of staying away from the quarterback, and we just have to continue to do a good job there.”


On former Browns C JC Tretter’s retirement announcement today:

“Happy for JC. I am sure he will do great in his next chapter of his life, whatever he wants that to be, but I think very highly of the person.”


On DE Jadeveon Clowney not practicing today after being excused for personal reasons yesterday and confirming it is not related to the elbow:

“Just giving him rest. He is good. Just getting rest.”


On Tretter’s consistent availability throughout his NFL despite battling numerous injuries:

“Incredible how he was able to fight through injuries and all of those type of things. Just think about some of the injuries he dealt with in Green Bay and then came here and did not miss much time – I do not even know if he missed any time. Never wanted to come out of the game. An impressive an example for the young guys about how to make it to Sunday.”


On how many roster spots may be determined based on Saturday’s game and if any will be decided based on their performance this weekend:

“That is a good question. Yeah, I think are still decisions to be made. I think we have tried to use every minute we have to evaluate our players so this is another opportunity for us to look at our guys in a game setting. Yeah, I think there are still jobs up for grabs.”


On if the final impression in this week’s game is the strongest factor in determining which of those players will make the roster:

“It should not be. It is a body of work.”


On if T Chris Hubbard is recovering from an injury:

“Just rest.”


On RB Jerome Ford being back to practice after missing two days and if Ford will play on Saturday:

“We will see. We have 55 hours here so I want to see how he does over the next couple of days.”


On Ford getting reps at KR in recent weeks and if Ford will get resp at KR in this week’s game, if available:

“We practice it. We will see. I think we are trying to practice as many guys back there as we can. Obviously, losing (WR) Jakeem (Grant Sr.), you want to see all hands on deck and see who can take one of those jobs.”


On if the Browns returners have ‘begun to crystalize’:

“I think we have a bunch of guys who can do it, have done it and have done it at a high level, but just want to make sure that we look at everybody and make the right decision there.”


On if the backup WR spots will be among the toughest decisions to make when trimming the roster to 53:

“I think are all tough. I would love to keep everybody. I know it is not realistic. It is a good problem that you have when you feel like you are releasing good football players. If we can’t put them on our 53 and they make it somewhere else on their 53, I will be happy for them.”


On the tendency for there to be ongoing transactions at the bottom portion of the roster and if there may not be as many for the Browns this year based on the base of the roster in place:

“I do not know. I would have to look at what the last two years have looked like. You are right in that the first 53 that you have is not always the final one. There are some things that can happen over the 24-48 hours there. I think (Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager) Andrew (Berry) is just focused on keeping the right 53.”


On QB Joshua Dobbs will play in this week’s game after Brissett’s time is complete:



On if QB Josh Rosen will play on Saturday:

“Should, yes.”


On if the Browns could make roster decisions on Sunday or Monday prior to the Tuesday deadline:

“Andrew is making those decisions so I will check in with him. We will have great dialogue. We have met a bunch of times already as a staff and with personnel and really gone over every player over the last few weeks. I think we have heard from everybody and then Andrew and the crew get to really put this thing together.”


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