Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (8.2.22)


Opening statement:

“Should be a good day of work out here. We will be in pads for the first time, which as you know is an important next step in integrating the contact. Looking forward to a good practice and making sure that the guys continue to practice safe. I thought they have done a nice job of that so far taking care of each other. It should be a good day of work. As it relates to (QB) Deshaun (Watson), I am sure you guys will have questions. I really do not have much more to add than what we talked about yesterday. I will just continue to be respectful of this process.”


On if after reading Judge Sue L. Robinson’s report there was anything that ‘gave him pause about’ Watson:

“I did read the report like I told you I would. I will continue to be respectful of Judge Robinson and her ruling. I think that is really where my focus is.”


On what makes QB Jacoby Brissett ideal for this situation, given his career experience of stepping up when his number has been called:

“You are right, he has been in some different positions already in his young career. He has a very good way about him, as I am sure you guys notice just being around him for a little bit. Very, very intelligent. A very good leader. Has the ability to make plays on the practice field, help in the meeting room and be accountable throughout the weight room, if you will. He just does all of the right things.”


On how the Browns will split snaps between Watson and Brissett following Judge Robinson’s report:

“I think we are still kind of in that place where we will wait for more information. We will stick to the plan that we have, which again we will deal with that day to day.”


On WR Amari Cooper’s status:

“Amari will be out today, but he will be back pretty soon. He will be OK.”


On WR Anthony Schwartz’s and LB Anthony Walker Jr.’s status:

“I think they are both progressing. They are on different timelines, but we will see them soon.”


On Brissett’s comment about the focus is on being prepared, regardless of the number of games needed to start:

“As we have talked about, there is uncertainty in this game, and oftentimes, it is injury-related. With that backup quarterback, you have to be ready to play at a moment’s notice. Sometimes you have a heads up that you are going to be playing and you get a week’s worth of practice. Sometimes, the first quarter you are playing, and that is the nature of being a backup quarterback or a backup at any position. I think Jacoby’s focus continues to be what it always is, and that is to prepare himself to play, and that is prepare himself to play for today in this practice, but moving forward, you have to prepare yourself to play in every game.”


On how much the Browns’ gameplan may change between Watson and Brissett:

“We have a pretty good understanding of both of their strengths. I think you use training camp and the preseason to solidify that gameplan moving forward, but they are different players so certainly you would run some different plays.


On significance of chemistry in the QB room:

“It is important in every room, but that quarterback room is unique. You are talking about a lot of football, and you are digging very deep into that rabbit hole football. It really can become graduate-level type stuff pretty quickly. When you have a room that really pushes each other and challenges each other but also respects each other, I think it is important.”


On if he is concerned by recent injuries at WR and if the Browns need to add players for depth during training camp:

“Amari will be back soon. We will deal with (WR) David (Bell) and Anthony appropriately.”


On the message to the team when wearing pads in practice and if practices change significantly:

“There is certainly a message to the team – they get that every night at team meeting – but it is really important that it is Browns versus Browns so we have to get our work in and it is a physical game – you can’t shy away from that – but now is not the time to take a ‘cheap shot’ at your own teammate. The pads should not change that. Your technique, whether you have pads on, shells on or helmets on, should not change. You should have great posture, you should be using your hands, keeping your head out of it and all of those type of things. That is what I will be looking for during this practice and watching the tape to make sure that guys stay true to their technique and their fundamentals.”


On if there is a message to the team regarding a zero-tolerance policy regarding fights at practice:

“I think the guys understand that we are out here to work and that is kind of not what we are here for.”


On the difference in mobility for Watson and Brissett and how that impacts the Browns offensive gameplan:

“It is a good point, and those are the conversations we are having. There are certain plays that you would run with Deshaun that you won’t run with Jacoby. There are certain plays that Jacoby sees really well and maybe has a lot of reps on that Deshaun does not. That is just part of our job as coaches is understanding that there is no shortage of plays that you can run, but it is making sure that the players are comfortable running those plays.”


On if it is important that Watson addresses the team on questions related to Judge Robinson’s ruling:

“I am going to let Deshaun speak for himself when it comes to that. Short of that, I don’t have much to add.”


On if Watson will speak about the ruling:

“I think he will speak with the media at some point when there is some closure to this, but that is something I will let him speak to.”


On Brissett’s strengths, in addition to experience:

“Size, arm strength and decision making would be a few.”


On if protecting the ball is one of Brissett’s strengths:

“Decision making. To me, that falls under decision making.”


On confirming Cooper’s injury was an ankle:



On if QB Josh Rosen will get reps with the offense:

“He will. Starting today, he will. We have to get all of these guys ready appropriately. Josh Rosen just got here. As you know, there are not a thousand reps to go around. You have to be real smart about how you do this. The reps are coming, but we are taking the long view in terms of the next couple of weeks with those guys and getting them ready.”


On Brissett’s skillset and experience and how that factored into the team’s evaluation of Brissett prior to the acquisition or if it was the totality of the player:

“It really was the totality. Just felt like it was a young player, a young man for how many hats he has worn in his career, but a young player who we thought was talented and we felt would add a lot to our room.”


On young Browns WRs who have stepped up with other WRs unable to practice  

“I have been real impressed with a lot of those young guys. I think they work really, really hard. When you play for (pass game coordinator/wide receivers) Coach (Chad) O’Shea, you better work hard. We also got a head start with them bringing them in a few days early. I would not single any guy out other than to say it is an impressive young group.”


On how the Browns will enforce Judge Robinson’s ruling that Watson’s massage sessions are directed by the team:

“I will let (Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager) Andrew Berry speak to that at the appropriate time. Certainly, with that ruling from Judge Robinson, that is obviously something we will abide by.”


On the team matching QB cadences throughout the room, including through film, and if he has done that previously:

“Yes, we did it previously at the Vikings. It is important because what you do not want is the backup gets in with the offensive line and they are not used to that cadence. It may seem like a small thing, but you want everybody to get off at the same exact time. You do not want a ‘popcorn get-off,’ which AVP (offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt) calls it – one guy is getting off then the next guy and then the next guy. The way we have always done it is that the backups, it is their job is to mimic the starter and to mimic the spacing between the cadences so you do not really surprise the offensive line. Being able to record it and then sync it up with the video allows us every day to look at it and make sure those guys are doing their job.”


On K Cade York’s training camp:

“He’s doing well. There he is – you can see him right there. He is doing a nice job. He is working hard. Had a good day yesterday. Cade has the right temperament. He just goes about his work and goes about his business.”


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