Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (8.19.21)

Opening statement:

“Good to see everybody. Got some good work in there with the Giants. Really thought it was competitive. The guys understood that we are here to get some work done. I thought on both sides, we did that. Really good situational periods for specials teams, for offense and for defense. We will link up tomorrow, get another good workday in, take a day off and then play the Giants on Sunday.”


On WR Rashard Higgins’ TD pass in practice:

“We will have to look at the tape. I was right there. I was very close to blowing that dead for a sack. It very well could have been a sack.”


On if or how tomorrow’s practice will be different:

“A few less reps. Red zone work always reduces the field obviously so we will take care of some of those route runners.”


On if there is anything of note with RB Kareem Hunt since RBs Demetric Felton and D’Ernest Johnson were taking more reps today:

“No, just getting them on the field.”


On LBs Sione Takitaki and Jacob Philips leaving practice with an injury:

“I do not have an update on those guys, but obviously, we will see how it goes here when I meet with the trainer.”


On if it was planned for WR Anthony Schwartz to be on the exercise bike today:

“Yes, just part of the plan.”


On an update on DE Takk McKinley:

“I do not have an update there. I am just going to keep that between Takk and myself.”


On how tough it is for Schwartz to learn to slow himself down rather than going full speed all of the time:

“When you are running routes, sometimes you talk about running at 92 percent because if you run it at full speed, it is just the turn is too severe. He needs to utilize his speed because the DB knows he is fast so you are going to get that cushion because of that speed but then you have to know when to drop it down a gear to be able to make some of those turns.”


On if the team accomplished a lot of what was hoped today:

“Yeah, I thought it was really good competition on both sides. I was on the far field there with our offense versus their defense, but I was trying to peek over between plays. I thought it was really competitive work. To be able to finish in a two-minute drive I think is a big deal because in these games you can’t predict if you are going to get a two-minute drive. It was good, solid work.”


On T Jedrick Wills Jr. saying he was ‘trash’ last year and is much better now and if he has seen a difference in Wills’ play:

“I really do think he has come a long way. Personally and professionally, I just think he has been very much about his business. I have noticed. I know his teammates have noticed, as well.”


On what it means to have a veteran like WR Jarvis Landry who says he loves practice and displayed it today:

“He is a very competitive dude. He wants to win every drill. He wants to win when they do releases. He wants to win one on ones. He wants to win the team period. That sets the tone for our team. We understand that the wins and losses come on Sunday, but you really can be out here and be competitive and try to win each practice if you will.”


On having Landry as a resource and example for young Browns players:

“I think there are a bunch of examples of guys like that on our team that the young players can go to. I think it is such a big deal how young players are raised in this league. If you are in a really good room, you are set up for a really good career. I think we have examples of that really across the roster. Jarvis in particular is always willing to share trade secrets with those guys so it is fun to watch them work together.”


On what has he seen from CB Greg Newsome II in terms of growth and comfort:

“He is doing a nice job. He is the type of kid who you do not see him make the same mistake twice. He will make a mistake – he is a rookie that is par for the course – but then he corrects it. He wants to do it exactly how it is coached and use the technique exactly how (defensive coordinator) Joe (Woods) and (pass game coordinator/defensive backs coach) Jeff (Howard) and (assistant defensive backs) Brandon (Lynch) are coaching him. I see a very conscientious player.”


On if it was a cool moment to see teammates huddle around CB Greedy Williams after a pass breakup, given the injury recovery:

“I think that was a really nice play. Right in front of our sideline. Knew when to bring his hands up and defend the pass. A really nice play by Greedy. As you guys know, Greedy to be back where he is, to fight through what he had to fight through to get to where he is and play at a high level speaks volumes of the type of competitor he is.”


On how much can the two joint practice with the NY Giants help the Browns and special teams coordinator Mike Priefer sort through options in the return game:

“It is really important work that we are getting today. We will get some more tomorrow. They catch punts and kicks before practice. They catch punts and kicks after practice. We are getting a lot of exposure to those guys. Certainly, going against a different scheme, the intensity picks up a little bit. At these preseason games, the intensity picks up. It is certainly all a part of it.”


On if he has seen TE David Njoku become more consistent in the past year:

“Yeah, for sure. Dave works really hard on his craft. It shows up in his run blocking, his pass blocking, his route running and his catching. I think he is an example of a guy that has been willing to work on his craft, and I think he is getting better.”


On the value of Njoku’s jumping ability and size:

“Some of those tight ends I have been around over the years, just their sheer size, they are always open. You just have to go vertically up to go get the ball where you do not have to create separation horizontally in a lot of cases. Dave and (TE Austin Hooper) Hoop, our guys, I think they are very friendly targets for the quarterback.”


On if the Browns wanted Wills to be lighter than last year and gain muscle:

“I do not know the exact number that we gave him for his report weight, but he reported right in that window. He is working hard. He works hard with our nutritionist so he is very aware of where he needs to be.”


On if Wills is better with his hands than last year, given Wills shared that was the case:

“Yeah, I do see it, and I would hope he gets better every year. These guys work very, very hard during practice, before practice, after practice and in between periods. He is a guy who is constantly learning under (offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan and under (assistant offensive line) Coach (Scott) Peters. A lot of that is hand placement for the offensive line. I do think I see a guy that is improving.”


On if LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah getting reps with the first team is the result of the preseason game performance:
“I would not characterize it as that, but I would just tell you, he is definitely playing fast on the field. He is making plays. We had a couple of injuries early in the practice so we had to play everybody over the course of the practice. It is just the natural progression of things for him.”


On if LB Jacob Phillips left practice early:

“We lost Phillips and Taki during practice. I do not have an update on their injuries, but we were down two linebackers.”


On if RB Demetric Felton will play at RB against the Giants, given Felton took his reps there today:

“Yeah, it is trending that way. If everything remains the same with our receiver depth, we should be able to get him in there at running back.”