Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (6.9.21)


Opening statement:

“Just finished our third day of this week and OTA No. 9. One more tomorrow. We will get in the red zone tomorrow. The guys are really working very hard out there, they are taking coaching and they are really focusing on the basics – the alignment, the assignment and the technique. We are going slow and really teaching. The guys are working really hard. Another good day tomorrow and then looking forward to mandatory minicamp. That will be the last week of the offseason program and then we will take a little bit of a break. Excited about where we are and the guys are working so I appreciate that.”


On if S Grant Delpit and CB Greedy Williams are fully cleared medically, given they both appeared to be doing more in practice today:

“They are working through it. I think they are both on pace. They are doing a great job. We are going to be smart about it as we ramp them up through the next couple of weeks, and into training camp, we are going to be smart about it. They are hitting all of their benchmarks.”


On what Williams’ hard work in the rehab process showed about his character:

“It told me a ton about him. Like anybody going through an injury, he had some tough moments there, but when he was in this building, he had a smile on his face and he worked really hard in that training room. I can tell you, we are all really excited to see him out on the field going through drills. To watch somebody rehab like he did, we are excited about where he is going. He has some more work to do, but to see him back on the field and see No. 26 working is great.”


On the status of Chief of Staff Callie Brownson following the OVI:

“As you guys know, extremely disappointed. We take these things very seriously. We are working with the league on appropriate discipline. Callie obviously is very remorseful. She is going to learn from this, and we will support her along the way.”


On if the incident will result in Brownson losing her job:



On the Browns adding depth in the secondary with the additions of CBs Troy Hill and Greg Newsome II and Williams getting healthy:

“I really like that group. You mentioned those guys, I think there are a bunch of guys in that group who push each other and are working really hard right now. This is the fun part where we can go through individual drills, and we can slow it down and teach. I can tell you, each one of those guys is pushing each other. Depth is a good thing, and it is a really good group.”


On if the Browns are planning to host joint practices during training camp:

“We are going to have two joint practices versus the (NY) Giants ahead of our Week 2 game with them so they will be coming to us to practice.”


On the significance of joint practices:

“They are great. Over the years, I have done them, and I think you can get a ton out of them. It certainly ramps up the intensity, but guys take care of each other and know that they are getting in good work ahead of a game. I just think it is a great time in a controlled environment to get really good work against different schemes than your own.”


On evaluating the Browns rookie class at this point of the offseason program and standout performers from the group:

“They are all sponges. They have been with us since rookie minicamp, and they have gotten incredible attention. They are all doing a nice job. They are all going at their own pace, and we understand that everybody is different. Some guys are spending more time in the book, and some guys are spending extra time out there on the practice field. As you can imagine, I am not going to single anybody out, but I will just tell you, as a class, I have been really pleased with the work those guys are putting in.”


On QB Case Keenum participating in this week’s OTAs and if the Browns coaching staff is regularly communicating with QB Baker Mayfield about what Mayfield and other offensive players should be working on during their independent practice sessions in Austin:

“Case being here, he wanted to come in and get some work with the guys. Excited to have all of these guys here and the guys who are out there working. As far as it relates to Baker and what is going on down there, my jurisdiction for the offseason program does not extend past Berea.”


On where the Browns roster currently stands related to player vaccinations:

“I am not going to give you the exact number because I do not know it off of the top of my head, but we are working really hard and educating the guys, and we will continue to do so.”


On the importance for the team to meet the ultimate threshold of vaccinated players in order to not have to go through all of the NFL’s COVID-19 protocols and also have more certainty about players being available on gamedays:

“The way I look at it is it is something you are doing to help the greater good so I will make sure that guys are taking care of themselves, their family, their community, etc. You are right, there is a competitive advantage to this. We are just going to continue to educate the guys and work with them as such.”


On if Brownson is on suspension:

“She is suspended. When it comes to the rest of the discipline, we are working with the league on that. I would just reiterate what I said, she is extremely remorseful. I have spoken to her many of times, and she will learn from this. Hopefully, we will all be in a better place after this. I am disappointed, she is disappointed and again, we will just work through all of the particulars.”


On if his philosophy of playing time during the preseason has been modified with the shortened preseason and extended regular season:

“We will have a plan, but I want to stay open-minded as we get through training camp and see where we are. I do not want to be so dogmatic and say the players are playing X number of plays in Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3. I do think without that fourth week, really you kind of stay on the normal schedule, if you will – the third preseason game will be treated how you treated the third preseason game in years past – but I want to make sure that we take in all of the information prior to making decisions on how much guys will play.”


On if the Browns analytic department are helping develop future plans for operating during this time of the season, given NFLPA concerns with the offseason program:

“It is a good question. As you saw out there at practice today, the rules are made so this is a passing camp, so to speak. With the guys just in helmets, the old days of having full-speed team drills and guys getting knocked around and getting helmets in the shoulders, we are not doing that. We go at a pace that is conducive to teaching and conducive to learning, and then seven-on-seven is really where you are getting a bulk of the work done. The technique work is during the individual drills, which have been outstanding. Again, the guys are working really hard. That is something that we want to make sure that we are being smart about player safety.”


On the significance of S John Johnson III participating in this week’s OTAs:

“It is good to see all of those guys. John is new to the program so I think he is really getting a lot out of it in terms of the communication, the calls and those type of things. We are covering that on the Zoom calls as you know, but I think there is value with him being around his teammates and all of those guys being around each other and making calls. They are doing a nice job.”


On if Brownson is currently suspended by the Browns and if the team is awaiting more information from the NFL:

“She is suspended by the Browns, and we are working with the league to finalize any discipline that they may have.”


On his support of players by attending their own recent community events and if he will be attending WR Jarvis Landry’s celebrity softball game on Saturday:

“I think it is important to support the guys when they are out in the community and they are doing the right thing and raising awareness for charities. I just want them to know that I have their back. I do not know if I have been invited to Jarvis’ [celebrity softball game] – he must have the scouting report on my baseball career because I did not get the invite (laughter).”


On Williams still has to clear a few hurdles for the rehab process, particularly for hitting and tackling:
“I think like with any injury, it is a process and there are benchmarks with all of these injuries. We will work at an appropriate pace with him, clear some hurdles this week and next and then see where he is and work with our medical staff, as you know, to come up with a plan as we begin camp.”


On the current belief is that Williams will be 100 percent by training camp or the regular season:

“That is the goal here.”


# # #


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