Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (6.8.22)

Opening statement: 

“Good to see everybody. Good work out here. I think you saw us get some third-down-and-long work, got some short-yardage work, all of it has been good. A lot of work done in the red zone, as well. Really good day today. We have to finish off the week strong with our work tomorrow.”  


On if he still feels comfortable with QB Deshaun Watson as a person: 

“I understand the question. I think for me, I am going to be respectful of the investigation, of the legal proceedings and I am going to let that play out.”  


On a 24th civil lawsuit filed against Watson and if the Browns were aware of that allegation during their investigation: 

“Again, I cannot add much. I am going to let both the investigation and the legal proceedings play out.”  


On if he thinks investigators should do further research into these situations: 

“I think we kind of talked through that at the time. I stand by what we said.” 


On if Watson’s standing with the Browns has been affected at all: 

“We are here making sure we get good practice and the guys did a nice job out there today. I am not going to comment past that, but we are going to be respectful of the process, be respectful of the legal proceedings.”  


On if the team was aware the scope of the investigation could broaden: 

“I understand why you ask that. I am just going to be respectful to the process and let it play out.”  


On if the situation surrounding Watson has been more difficult for the organization than anticipated: 

“What you try to do here as coaches and players is focus on the work that you have when you walk in the door. The stuff that is on the outside, we let that take care of itself.”  


On if the team is prepared to have the situation hover over the club for an extended period of time: 

“With anything, we are trying to focus on the day. I cannot see past today, so that is kind of where my focus is.”  


On if QB Jacoby Brissett is getting enough reps to potentially start Week 1: 

“I think we are repping the quarterbacks appropriately. As more information becomes available, you may modify and adapt what you do. For now, we are just making sure those guys are getting the work that they need.”  


On if training camp plans may change if the NFL makes a decision regarding a possible suspension by then: 

“I do not want to speculate, but obviously if there is different information, we will adjust to how we are doing things.”  


On QB Baker Mayfield being excused from mandatory minicamp: 

“That was a decision made between our organization, Baker and Baker’s team. Felt like that was the best decision for both sides.”  


On what the communication with Mayfield has been like: 

“I am not going to get into my communication with players, but just felt like that was the best decision for the organization and for Baker.”  


On what has been observed regarding the focus and demeanor of Watson: 

“I think for everybody, you come to work and you got to work. You have to make sure that you focus on your job and focus on the job that you have to do out there with the players. I think that is what he is doing.”  


On the performance of K Cade York so far: 

“He did a nice job today. He has done a nice job to date. He really has, both in the team settings, when they go down as a battery down there to FirstEnergy Stadium, they have done a nice job. He has just got to continue to grow and continue to get better.”  


On if there is any consideration to start Mayfield if Watson is suspended: 

“I am not going to speculate on those type of things. We are just going to deal with it day to day.”  


On if there is frustration facing questions regarding Watson repeatedly: 

“I would not characterize it that way. I do understand that you have a job to do, so I am just going to provide as much information as I can, when I can.”  


On if things are more complicated for players schematically as OTAs are wrapping up: 

“Yes, they should be. We are adding more every single day and challenging them every single day on purpose. We are putting a lot on their plates. Particularly, the young guys will blow a fuse every once in a while, but we are challenging them. That is part of the offseason program and part of what you should be doing in June, is challenging your guys, mentally.”  


On if he wanted to practice at the Pro Football Hall of Fame since becoming a head coach: 

“Definitely over the last couple of years I have had different ideas, but we have been restricted. Just felt like this was the right time to get down there. We will have our whole team here, let’s take everybody down there. So we have a nice program planned–I will share more with you guys later on that, but I just think we are very, very fortunate here at the Cleveland Browns to have the Pro Football Hall of Fame right down the road. Not everybody has that. We would be foolish not to take advantage of it.” 


On if he heard some reactions from players about it: 

“Not yet. Obviously, we will explain what we are doing down there. I think they like field trips, change of pace, so I am sure they are excited.” 


On if he is satisfied with the team’s progress: 

“So the way we look at OTAs and minicamp, it is really just one big phase. You do not really change gears from OTAs to minicamp. Obviously, we are going to have a little bit different setting. We will be here on Tuesday, down in Canton on Wednesday and at the stadium on Thursday. So that will change, but by and large, we look at this offseason program as one big program, if you will. We have work to do. There is a bunch of other stuff that we want to get installed to the players, get a rep on, bang some reps, so we have work to do. I think the players will tell you they are getting better, but we are very, very far away. We have to continue to grind on.” 


On if the team has learned to deal with adversity since he became a head coach: 

“I feel like that is really–the NFL, you are going to go through things that you cannot predict and that is week-in and week-out, it is year-in and year-out, and we know that. I think that is part of being a good football team, is being a resilient team. Being able to, when you are down in the third quarter, go turn the game around. When certain things come your way, injuries come your way, I do think you have to be a resilient bunch. I think you see examples of that across sports. Even going into watching some of the NBA Finals and seeing teams get behind and you have to go on a run. It is definitely part of a winning formula, is being a resilient bunch.” 


On what difference he has seen in WR Anthony Schwartz: 

“I have been really, really pleased with Anthony’s development. He works hard. He is a dependable player. I think he is getting really good work in with the quarterbacks. But I do see Anthony taking a step. I have seen him take a step, I should say. From a young guy, we knew was always smart, but becoming more comfortable on what he is doing, catching the football really well, so really excited about his development.” 


On what has he seen from the defense this offseason: 

“It is outstanding. You have to play defensive football with passion. I think those guys do it. We always talk about one of the rules of being a great teammate is celebrating with your teammates. So when a big play happens, we want to celebrate together. That is something that you start on the practice field here and hopefully take it into the fall.” 


On if the relationship is beyond repairable between the organization and Mayfield: 

“I am not going to comment on that. Just going to make sure that I deal with everything that we are dealing with–football, anything that is outside the building, just deal with it day-to-day.” 


On players dealing with adversity regarding the Watson accusations: 

“I understand the question. I think part of my job, and certainly our players job, is to answer tough questions and we want to be respectful of that process and want to make sure we can add what we can add, when we can.” 

# # # 


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