Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (6.15.22)

Opening statement:

“Good to see everybody. First of all, thank you to the Pro Football Hall of Fame for being gracious hosts to us down here. Again, like we have talked about, such an amazing venue with the history of football in our backyard so we are very appreciative of them having us down here. On our ride down, each bus got to watch ‘A Football Life: Jim Brown,’ which I have seen before but just felt it was important that the entire team saw that. We will head in here for lunch, and we will have a presentation by Keyshawn Johnson and Bob Glauber on their book, ‘The Forgotten First.’ We are very happy that we have members of (Browns Legends and Pro Football Hall of Famers) Bill Willis’ and Marion Motley’s family here, as well. Really trying to take advantage of every one of these practices and really every one of these minutes to remind ourselves, me as well and our players of just everything that has come before us with just the NFL and our storied franchise so trying to connect that.


“Got some good work in here. Like we talked, it was going to be brief. I thought it was good work. It is warm up here. We will finish up tomorrow down at the stadium.”


On why it is important for Browns players to know the team’s and NFL’s history:

“I think it is important honestly for all of us in any walk of life to know the people who walked that path before you. My job as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns is finite. I will not have this role forever. I know people have come before me. I know there will be people who come after me. Just trying to learn about the past and respect the past I think is just so important.”


On if a particular aspect of the Browns’ history stands out:

“I would say a lot does, and we have been spending some time as a team learning about that, what it means to be a Cleveland Brown and really the ethos of that. We have been digging into that. I just think it is such an important franchise, talking about 1946 and 1964 and having (Browns Legend and Pro Football Hall of Fame T/K) Lou Groza spanning both teams and just kind of trying to go to school a little bit with our team and understanding who those statues are outside of our stadium because it is pretty important stuff.”


On if there is value in playing in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, particularly given it gives the teams an extra preseason game:

“I have coached in it before with the Vikings. We came down here in 2015. I thought it was an awesome experience just being here. A couple of years ago, my family and I went on a road trip, and we stopped through Canton and had an awesome time in the museum. We are a family of football fans and just getting close to the game was so cool. It is a unique opportunity to get down here in this setting, but certainly, when you are fortunate enough to play in that game, I think you can really take advantage of your visit, as well.”


On if playing the extra preseason game with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game can provide an advantage to the teams:

“Potentially. I think there is so much that you can do now with joint practices so I do not think there is a shortage of opportunities to get your team ready.”


On if younger Browns players appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the history of the Browns and the NFL, including watching ‘A Football Life: Jim Brown’ on the bus ride down:

“You hope so. I think it is very easy for all of us to get lost in our phone and stare at that thing all day. Just asked them to put it away for 45 minutes on the ride down here and then we will get a great presentation from Keyshawn and Bob Glauber. Just really trying to further our understanding of what has come before us.”



On if making the trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame brings to mind for him that he has the same job that Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach Paul Brown once possessed:

“It is hard to think like that. It is hard to let your mind go there because you have a job to do. You kind of would slow down if you thought about somebody like that who has come before you. Certainly, I am very respectful of the people who have been before me.”


On DE Myles Garrett saying at an event last week that he did not want to go to the Pro Football Hall of Fame until he is in it and the team’s approach with it:

“Those type of things I will keep internal, but I understand his feelings on that.”


On if he will share if Garrett will be taking a tour of the Pro Football Hall of Fame today:

“I won’t.”


On if the Browns believe LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is in prepared to make a big jump in performance in Year 2 after showing strong potential during his rookie year:

“I do. I think he has had a good offseason. He is working very hard as he does. Like any sophomore, there is hopefully a step that just comes from a greater understanding of what we are doing schematically, greater use of technique and those type of things. He is working hard.”


On if the Browns will have more of a standard practice tomorrow at FirstEnergy Stadium after having a shorter one today, given oftentimes teams condense the final practice of minicamp:

“We will have a good plan for tomorrow. Like you said, it is get-away day so I am mindful of that. I think we do have some work that we would like to get done and we do have some meetings that we need to get done. I think we will get a good workload tomorrow.”


On if the team practicing at FirstEnergy Stadium this week may replace the one typically hosted during training camp:

“It potentially will, yes.”


On WR Anthony Schwartz not practicing today:

“He is sick.”


On specific goals for practice at FirstEnergy Stadium tomorrow during the final day of veteran minicamp:

“I think it is just continuing what we are doing. As you guys have seen, we have been working a ton of situational ball. We have been in the red zone every day. We have worked third down and fourth down every single day. It is really just a continuation of that.”


On what the team is able to learn and take from offseason program work by younger Browns players who are looking to earn a spot on the roster:

“We have a lot of young guys who we are excited about. There is so much that goes into it. There is so much from a meeting standpoint. There is so much from the workouts and being out here in practice. We throw a lot at them. It is hard for me to single one guy out, but we are really excited the young guys. It is as much to do with what they can bring on the field with off the field. They are guys who understand what we want to get accomplished and how we want to work.”


# # #


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